Thursday 13 December 2018

Web story: UPU launches public consultation on postal remuneration rates

11.12.2018 - The UPU Council of Administration is launching a public consultation on the UPU remuneration systems through its Conference on Postal Regulation under the theme “UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?”

The regulatory conferences, held during each session of the UPU Council of Administration (CA), provide a unique forum for member countries to exchange insights and experiences on current regulatory issues related to the postal sector.
The next Conference on Postal Regulation will be held on 9 April 2019 at the UPU’s International Bureau in Berne, Switzerland. Discussions will be centred on the market impacts of the current UPU remuneration systems used to compensate the designated operators of destination countries for the cost of handling, transporting and delivering postal items from abroad. Interested parties, including civil society participants and non-state actors, will have the opportunity to submit research and policy papers within the scope of the conference topics.
Siva Somasundram, the International Bureau’s Director of Policy, Regulation and Markets, explained that the goal is to gather a broad range of ideas for improving global postal remuneration. Those ideas will be considered for the proposal on an integrated remuneration system that will be sent to the 2020 UPU Congress.
“The public consultation we are organizing through the conference and the call for papers is unique for the UPU and underlines the dedication of the UPU bodies to engage in an open and constructive dialogue on the evolution of the UPU remuneration systems,” said Mr Somasundram.
Committee 2 of the UPU’s Council of Administration is leading the Union’s work on reviewing the integrated remuneration principles and will be responsible for ensuring that current principles and policy aspects are appropriately addressed in the integrated remuneration system proposal.
“We would welcome a variety of perspectives on the various policy aspects that underpin the UPU remuneration systems so that we can explore every avenue,” said Jack Hamande, Co-Chair of CA Committee 2, who also noted that the public consultation would “provide the platform for an informed debate on where the UPU remuneration systems currently stand and what will be required to modernize and rationalize them to ensure a future sustainable worldwide postal network”.
All papers received by the International Bureau by 8 March 2019 will be published on a dedicated website available to the public. Following a review process, a number of papers will be selected for publication in the conference volume titled UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?  

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