Friday 30 June 2017

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Today’s Request is Tomorrow’s Demand

Bruhaspati Samal
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle

Since November, 2016, a Whatsapp Group titled “Bhubaneswar Postal Division” has been created. Though the Group Administrator has also added my number, I hardly get any time to watch and register my comments / suggestions. Seeing thousands of unread messages pending, I got interested one day to enter into the group. What I observed, though many have been added, a handful of members are regularly posting / uploading various messages / images / videos and registering their comments / suggestions.

As seen, this group has included the postal employees of Bhubaneswar Division including the SSPOs. Evidently, the purpose is to share information relating to India Post and to aware the group members about the day to day developments happening in the Department. I am happy that this is maintained to some extent by few members. Another important thing I witnessed that at times there are strong arguments and counter arguments on specific issues amongst some members making understand who’s who. When we are all in a transition, such group will go a long way in clarifying our several doubts as are being done by few members on Finacle and McCamish. Certainly an appreciable job.

  But simultaneously, I am shocked to notice that some irrelevant videos, images, messages are posted in the group in contrary to its purpose. Generally speaking, while the very purpose of such social media is to share the views of the group members on a particular issue which suits the purpose and title of the group, some members are going beyond that which may not be correct and appreciable if we are actually interested to satisfy the purpose for which the group has been created. I’m not particularizing anybody or any video/image/message. The group members can well understand.

Secondly, I am surprised to witness some authoritarian messages which are not at all acceptable on such a social media. It remains good so far it is limited to sharing of knowledge and information. The Group Administrator did not think it appropriate to obtain the consent of the key members briefing them about the rules and aim of creating the Group before adding them. Some members are in the group by courtesy or because they feel they can’t afford to decline the invitation since created by their authority. A suitable time has not been chosen to participate the conversation since the Group Administrator can not disturb the members 24x7. It is seen that maximum postings containing private and irrelevant messages are being done during the office hours. While initially some messages were being shared with request and appeal, now a smell of authoritarian attitude is coming from such messages. The members are being directed for execution of EoD, updation of delivery data, settlement of web complaints and many other things. Time will come when the key members who are too much prompted now to remain alive with their comments/suggestions using their personal smart phones and spending from their own pockets towards mobile data package may be charge-sheeted for not attending / responding to such messages in future.

Do you think that it does sound odd and my apprehensions are baseless?

Here, I would like to share with you all one bitter incident experienced in the recent past personally by me without any intention of discouraging or hurting anybody in any manner. Just I am narrating a fact in which I am involved.

For making a data base of the staff members, few years back our Division Office collected the personal mobile numbers of each individual employees. We also did provide. Subsequently, one more step was forwarded with addition of many other personal information for creation of IDs for Finacle and McCamish. What I observed, thereafter, our staff members received direct calls from the authorities for deputation etc. without the knowledge of the concerned controlling authorities. It became very much harassing when the P A told his Postmaster that he has been directed by Division Office to be relieved on deputation. Without the knowledge of the Postmasters, official information was seen to be passed. Our members became very much delighted to get a call directly from their boss. Who cares the Postmaster when he/she is closed to the appointing authority who knows him/her by name with so many personal information? Really, what a great feeling! When the members are satisfied and delighted, there is no occasion to react in any manner.

Days passed on. Demonetization came. Daily statements were collected over phone. Avoiding the office landline number, the dealing assistant used his/her personal mobile number to obtain required information from the SPM/APM/Postmasters. One day ( on the 3rd day of demonetization), one of our colleagues, who was dealing with such activities requested the dealing assistant not to disturb him over his personal mobile number and to ask the Postmaster for the required information in office land line number. But the dealing assistant collecting the information did not pay any attention to the request of the concerned APM who was struggling with defective counting machines and limited staff to count and detect crores of rupees collected and to finish the job as early as possible. Being disturbed frequently, the concerned APM refused to talk with the dealing assistant anymore on the issue. And when the day’s job was over, the APM submitted the required daily statement and left the office in late night as usual.

But unfortunately, on the very next day, the concerned APM received a letter from the Divisional Office to explain why disciplinary action would not be taken against him for misbehaving a lady employee over phone. The matter was brought to my notice. With due permission of the SSPOs, I met him and discussed the issue in the presence of both the dealing assistant and the APM in the chamber of the SSPOs. When I went through the representation of the dealing assistant, I was really surprised to note that as if the APM had committed the crime of harassment at workplace by denying her to talk over his personal mobile for official information. Oh my God!  Just imagine friends, what a serious allegation!

The main argument of the dealing assistant was that if the particular mobile number of the concerned APM was personal, then why he informed it to the Department for its use by the office. I feel as if we have committed a crime in sharing our mobile numbers with the Department in the days of digitization?

In the days of digitization since the mobile phone is a necessity, nobody was/is serious while sharing his/her personal mobile number with the Department.  But, misutilization or overutilization of our personal mobile numbers for official purposes is certainly inappreciable since not a single SPM / Postmaster has yet been provided either with any mobile phone of or there is any instruction from any corner to reimburse the mobile vouchers used for official purposes. Of course, we have nothing to say in case of officers/officials who have been supplied with mobile phones and reimbursed with mobile vouchers. There may be some compulsion. In the instant case, the administration before calling for an explanation from the APM did not think even once that the conversation was going on through personal mobiles and the alleged representation was only one-sided which was argued strongly by me and  the matter was seriously discussed in the presence of the SSPOs and closed then and there. 

Though, I tried by best to convince both of them, the incident really hurt me a lot. I do apprehend, one day or other the matter may be serious and we may be trapped while playing  through such groups sharing our personal mobile numbers and be victimized.

In this connection, I do remind similar other compelling incidents happened earlier. You might have remembered, at the time of introduction of Project Arrow in 2008, when any office failed to send DET/Arrow Report due to server failure at the end of the day, direction was given to attend the nearby offices or even cyber cafĂ© to send the report which was strongly objected. Now we are also witnessing such incidents for CBS Finacle / PLI McCamish during link failure. Our staff members are seen running from their own offices to nearby offices or even to CPCs for completing the day’s work including execution of EoD. I certainly fail to understand the mindset of our staff members why to leave the parent office in case of link/server failure and why not to react and write to set right the issues then and there with the help and interference of the administration and technical team. It is my responsibility to see that my office remains well equipped and up to date in every manner. Why shall I go outside for completing my own office works? Ask yourself once. Have you ever witnessed such activities to be performed by any other office/cadre? Then why do you?

When interacted with my colleagues, I have been replied often that nobody is paying any attention. The responsibility is seen to be shifted from Department to Infosys, from Infosys to Sify or sometimes from both to the Central Server / Data Centre etc. But how long this will go? After accepting an unruly work without objection, when you start reacting in subsequent phases, it is obvious that you will certainly be replied, “How did you perform on that day? You complete in the same way”. Today’s request becomes tomorrow’s demand.

When argued for such activities, I have often replied that If ‘A’ can complete his work attending nearby office(s), what is the harm in case of ‘B’?. Even, I have been questioned, ‘Why  are you howling when the officials are working silently without any objection?”

I should be very clear in this aspect that personally, I am not against any policy of the Govt./ Department that is being introduced for the betterment of the nation and its citizens. But certainly when, I am working in a vast platform, I have my moral responsibility to raise voice democratically against the policy offensives/deficiencies within the parameters of CCS (Conduct) Rules. It is evident that every policy has its own deficiency which will only be identified at the time of implementation. Unless the grass root level staff members bring the difficulties confronted by them at the implementation stage to the notice of the administration, probable solution will be very remote since administration often fails to realize the fact.

It is my India. It is my Govt. It is my India Post. I am committed for its development. I will do all such things to see it developed but not by supporting silently injustices done to me and covering the deficiencies, but making everybody aware for the purpose. I will never allow anybody to treat my silence as my weakness.

What I feel, you are the only right person to react against any deficiency noticed or injustice done to you. Please do understand. It is said that the silent supporters of injustice are the most dangerous criminals in the society. Please don’t allow anybody to translate his/her today’s request into a demand in future.

Thursday 29 June 2017





NDA Government has once again betrayed the entire Central Govt Employees. The demand of the employees to restore HRA to 30, 20 & 10% is denied. Date of effect for allowances is fixed as 01-07-2017 denying 18 months arrears.

The BJP lead NDA Government deliberately delayed the legitimate right of the employees. The assurance given by Cabinet Ministers regarding increase in Minimum Pay and Fitment Formula  is also not honoured till date. NDA Government is the worst Government as far as employees and workers are concerned.

Confederation National Secretariat calls upon entire Central Govt Employees to hold demonstrations in front of all Central Govt Offices protesting against the anti-employees, anti-workers stand of the NDA Government.

Secretary General
Mob&Whatsapp: 09447068125





            As per the decision taken by the Central Working Committee of All India Postal Casual , Partime , Contingent and Contract Workers Federation , the fast infront of Chief PMG office Chennai commenced on 27th June 2017 demanding revision of wages of Casual Labourers with effect from 01.01.2006 and 01.01.2016 as per orders issued by Postal Directorate. Along with leaders of Casual Labour Federation , leaders of NFPE Circle Co-ordinating Committee (CCC) , Confederation State Committee also joined the programme extending full support and solidarity. The programme was organised under the leadership of NFPE CCC Tamilnadu Circle. More than 1000 casual workers participated in the struggle. Chief PMG held two round discussions with Circle Secretaries of NFPE on 27th June. CPMG took a stand that Directorate orders are not implemented in any circle and challenged our leaders to produce copies of the orders issued by Divisions in other circles. Next day morning Circle leaders produced before the Assistant Director ,  copies of orders issued and implemented in many divisions of Kerala , Andhra and Telangana including Vijayawada Region where the CPMG was working as PMG prior to his promotion as CPMG Tamilnadu. Understanding that his arguments stands demolished by NFPE Circle Unions , the CPMG , instead showing the courage to face the NFPE leaders again in the discussion table , suddenly left  Chennai (ran away !!) without intimating the leaders. It is learnt that he will not be available in Chennai for next four days.  NFPE COC held an emergent meeting and decided to declare one day strike on 13th July 2017 protesting against the negative stand of the Circle administration and demanding immediate wage revision of Casual Labourers. Accordingly 14 days legal notice for the strike was served on 28th June 2017. Entire employees of Tamilnadu Circle  (P3 , P4 , R3 , R4 , Admin , Postal Accounts , SBCO , GDS and Casual Labourers)  will go on strike for the cause of Casual Labourers declaring -- "an injury to one is an injury to all" !!!. As strike is declared , NFPE CCC decided to call off the fast in front of CPMG office and the mass fast ended at 5 PM on 28th June with thundering slogans.

            The Fast was inaugurated by Com M.Durai Pandian , General Secretary , Confederation Tamilnadu state. Com: T.K.Rangarajan , MP (CPIM) and Shri R.S.Bharati , MP (DMK) addressed the programme. National leaders of Casual Labour Federation Coms: M.Krishnan (President) Y.Nagabhushanam (Working President) P.Mohan (General Secretary) D.Sivagurunathan (CHQ Treasurer) S.Balamurugan (CHQ OGS) alongwith NFPE leaders Coms: J.Ramamurthy (CHQ President P3 & CS P3 ) B.Paranthaman (President CCC NFPE) G.Kannan (Convenor CCC  NFPE) Angel Sathyanathan (Chairman , Women's Committee) participated in the fast. Com A.G.Pasupathy , veteran leader of P&T Trade Union movement (86 years) participated on two days. Coms: K.Raghavendran (Ex-SG NFPE & GS AIPRPA) K.V.Sreedharan (Ex-GS P3) K.Regupathy ( Asst SG NFPE) A.Veeramani (AGS P3 CHQ) R.B.Suresh (CS AIPAEA) K.R.Ganesan (Circle President R3 ) Dhananjay (CS AIPEU -GDS) Santhoshkumar (President , AIPAEA CHQ) attended and addressed the gathering. Shri D.Theagarajan (SG FNPO) and Shri Kumar (FNPO & Chairman PJCA) Leaders of AIRF,  DREU and Confederation affiliates  also addressed. 

            The inspiring struggle of the most down trodden, marginalised and poor casual labourers of Tamilnadu will be written in red letters in the history of the struggles of Postal employees.

            Red Salute to the NFPE / Confederation/ Casual Labour leaders and members who made it a historic struggle.

           M.Krishnan                                                                                R.N.Parashar
             President                                                                            Secretary General
Casual Labour, Federation.                                                                     NFPE

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Wednesday 28 June 2017

Appeal by Secretary General, NFPE for Membership verification in GDS cadre

To                                                                                                                 Date : 28-06-2017
All CHQ Office bearers
All Circle Secretaries

Dear Comrades,

I would like to draw your kind attention to an important task on top priority i.e., Membership verification in GDS cadre. The notification has been issued by Directorate on 22nd June 2017 to conduct verification process in GDS cadre. The GDS Union in the name of AIPEU GDS (All India Postal Employees Union GDS) is being lead by our NFPE& its affiliated unions for the last five years. Now the GDS union is participating in the present verification process seeking No.1 recognition in GDS cadre.

It is opt  to mention that GrC cadre is the closest one to every GDS other than any in NFPE affiliates. It is our prime responsibility to make the AIPEU-GDS, in No.1 position by obtaining membership from GDSs in the form of Letter of Authorization supplied by Directorate along with notification.

AIPEU GrC CHQ, for the last few years put their best efforts to form the branches for AIPEU GDS in all divisions of all circles. To a great extent our Gr.C cadre units in all divisions have succeeded in the task by taking so much risk to form the branches in all circles and keep intact with GDS members in the divisions till date. Similarly GDS members are also extended all their cooperation and support in all the programmes given by higher bodies for all the time.

Now, it is the right time to share the major responsibility in all divisions by Gr.C leaders, members and active comrades to collect the membership from the GDS members in the respective divisions. The Circle Secretaries of Gr.C of each circle has to pay much attention on this task by contacting personally with all divisional / branch secretaries of GrC and direct them to put all efforts to get the membership in favour of AIPEU-GDS in their divisions / branches.

Here with enclosing the particulars of Divisional Secretary / Convener of AIPEU-GDS of each division in your circle for favour of information and immediate action to collect 100% membership from GDS members in the respective divisions as early as possible. Please intimate, if any changes made in the name of ‘Authorized Representative’ i.e., divisional secretary / convener of AIPEU-GDS, our CHQs will make necessary correspondence with the concerned immediately.

Once again emphasis is made on the subject to give top priority as it is a time bound process.

Please follow the websites of CHQs - NFPE, AIPEU GrC., AIPEU-GDS for update information and keep in touch with CHQs for further details, if necessary. A brief report may be expected on the progress from your side for consolidation and further guidance.

With fraternal greetings

Secy Genl., NFPE
General Secretary

Circle Secretary / Convener
Nirmal Ch. Singh, GDS Pkr, Alaba SO, Kendrapara HO, Cuttack North dn - 754217
CHQ office bearer : Vice President
Division / Branch
Name & address of the office bearer
Mobile No.
R.K.Gantayat, GDS
Nandiko BO, Hinjilicut SO - 761102
Surendra Mohakud, GDS
Dungripali SO, Balangir HO - 767023

G.K.Panda, GDS
Barabati SO, Balasore HO - 756003
M.Rajeswararao, GDS
Gosani Nuagaon SO - 760003
Budhiram Das, GDS
Asurali SO, Bhadrak HO - 756137
G.S.Panda, GDS
Darada BO, Balipatna SO - 752102
Cuttack City
K.C.Dash ,GDS
Dadhibabanpur BO, Bentkar SO – 754112
Cuttack North
K.K.Panda, BPM
Chandan Nagar BO, Alba SO - 754217
Cuttack South
A.K.Behra, BPM/MD
Bhatimunda BO, Kotasahi SO - 754022
H.C.Mishra, GDS
Kandhal BO, Talcher SO - 759100
M.S.Sahoo, GDS Pkr
Madanpur Rampur SO - 766102
Jagdish Kar, GDSMC
Chikima BO, Boiparaiguda SO - 764043
D.K.Mohapatra, GDS
Keonghargarh HO - 758001
R.N.Raut, GDS
Tarada Sole BO, Kushalda SO - 757085
H.B.Singh, GDS
Boudingia BO, Balliguda SO - 762103
G.B.Sahoo, GDS, Nabaghanapur BO,
Nayaghar Bazar SO - 752070
Sankar Kar, BPM/MD
Dhanger BO, Tora SO - 768040
Bhagyadhar Pasayat, GDS
Rourkela-15 SO, Uditnagar HO - 769015

Sabittri Sahoo, GDSMM
o/o SRM, Berhampur – 760001

Judhisingh, GDSMM
o/o SRM, Jharsuguda - 768201

Janu Charan Jena, GDSMM
o/o SRM, Cuttack - 753001