Friday 31 May 2019

Com. Trilochan Parida, Ex-President, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle retires on superannuation on 31.05.2019

Warm regards and best wishes to Com. Trilochan Parida, Ex-President, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle on his retirement on superannuation on 31.05.2019. 

 The Circle Union and NFPE, Odisha will ever remember his valuable contributions to the Postal Trade Union movement in Odisha  Circle. 

On behalf of NFPE, Odisha, we wish him a very happy and healthy post retirement life.

Secretary (Posts) greets the new Communication Minister Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad

Allocation of portfolios among the members of the Union Council of Ministers

AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle congratulates the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India and his councilnof Ministers.

Newly created Rourkela Division will function from 11.06.2019

Directorate calls for a report from Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on Trade Union victimization to the staff members of Bhadrak Division

Monday 27 May 2019

Filling up of vacancies under Sports Quota

Important Judgement on "Notional Increment" .. OA No.310/00170/2019 --CAT - Madras Bench

Madras High Court Judgment in the matters of entitlement of Old Pension Scheme to GDS employees who were selected to MTS/Postman Posts after 01.01.2004 -- DENIED

CLICK HERE  for details and coy of Judgement (28 pages)

Time Limits to treat a parcel as 'lost', in the absence of final disposal of parcel,for the purpose of payment of compensation-Speed Post Parcel,Express Parcel and Business Parcel-reg.

Procedure to be followed for Promotion by Departmental Promotion Committee to implement Cadre Restructuring of General Line Cadre Posts.

 Click Here to view the complete Order.

Reply to Circle Union letter: Circle Office directed all Regional / Divisional Heads to take action as per our request to clear all pending personal claims.

Reply to Circle Union letter : Preliminary report has been submitted to Directorate for special allocation of fund to repair cyclone affected P O buildings and staff quarters

Reply to Circle Union letter : Chief PMG, Odisha calls for report from PMG, Berhampur Region on irregular transfer and posting by SSPOs, Berhampur Division violating rotational transfer guidelines.

Minutes of the bimonthly meeting of PMG , Sambalpur Region held on 10.04.2019

Sunday 26 May 2019

UPU News : Saudi Post provides new services for pilgrims

22.05.2019 - Each year, millions of people from around the globe descend on Mecca, the holy sites and Medina in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage. Saudi Post has introduced a plan to serve the influx of pilgrims.

During the Hajj period, Saudi Post pulls out all the stops to provide postal services close to the pilgrimage sites.  In general, all services are provided by permanent offices for pilgrims, augmented by a number of temporary offices added for the Hajj season. Saudi Post also provides specialized services linked to the religious event including parcel-sending services;fund transfers; the sale of documents for certain religious rites and sale of commemorative postage stamps.
In 2018, Saudi Post set up a pilgrimage business centre, tasked with overseeing activities relating to the Hajj and Umrah, a pilgrimage taken outside the normal Hajj period. This centre carried out the initial planning for the Hajj, including putting in place a detailed programme for the eight weeks leading up to the beginning of the season.
Under this programme, some 300 different tasks were performed, enabling the Post to enter the season fully prepared and meticulously organized, with 834 postal staff – 535 in Mecca and 299 in Medina – mobilized.  In addition, 27 temporary offices were set up around Mecca, the holy sites and Medina.  The Post also made 100 cars, 79 motorcycles, 355 communications devices, 200 mobile sales points and 600 fixed sales points available to the pilgrims.
Partnering on parcels
The Post worked with other postal operators around the world to promote specialized Hajj and Umrah parcel products created for the convenience of pilgrims. Reasonably priced weight categories developed for the products, advance sender labels with barcodes and a special parcel pick-up service meant pilgrims could access affordable and efficient services during the busy period. 
Saudi Post President Anef Bin Ahmed Abanomai explained these partnerships aim to streamline relationship between other countries and facilitate the Hajj experience for visitors. He also added that Saudi Post would “welcome any cooperation with other countries”.
Electronic services
Saudi Post has also capitalized on its national addressing system to develop a smartphone application providing locations for Hajj and Umrah sites. This enables pilgrims to find their way around and reach their destinations with ease. 
The app covers Mecca, Medina, the holy sites, the road network, landmarks, public services operating at the Hajj and Umrah sites, and accommodation for pilgrims. The application is available in 16 languages.
Saudi Post also made SIM cards for its subsidiary Lebara available to pilgrims at its sale points.

In planting a tree, UPU sows stronger ties with local diplomatic community

22.05.2019 - Bringing together ambassadors and other representatives of the Berne and Geneva diplomatic communities, members of the Swiss local government, heads of intergovernmental organizations and staff, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) held a tree planting ceremony at its Berne headquarters on 21 May.

The event was held as part of the yearlong celebrations of the UPU’s 145th Anniversary and its long historical involvement with both the City of Berne and Switzerland. In 1874, 22 countries came to the Swiss city to sign the Treaty of Berne, and to take the first steps towards the international postal network that spans the globe today.  
In opening remarks at the ceremony, the UPU’s Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz offered a special welcome to the diplomatic community and said, “The linden tree we plant today, has a long association with the international postal sector, and in particular, letter writing.”
He noted that the linden tree’s bark, which is easily folded, was once used to write some of the first letters and was a representation of the organization’s own work. “Such a tree is a fitting motif for the UPU’s own 145-year history and the emphasis we place on communication, and on building cooperation globally,” Mr Clivaz said.  
Earlier, Felix Peijnenborgh from the University of the Arts Bern, played Gustav Mahler’s famous post horn solo from Symphony No. 3 after a short introduction about the brass or copper instrument. In writing about the solo, Mahler had specified the solo should be in the style of the post horn, which has no valves and was used by mail coaches to signal the delivery of mail. The image of the post horn is also the logo of many postal operators.
In a fitting end to the ceremony, Mr Peijnenborgh played a number of signals on the post horn and explained their use in mail delivery.
Afterwards, participants attended a special toast to the UPU given by the Mayor of Berne, Alec von Graffenried. During his remarks, the Mayor of Berne affirmed the importance of the UPU and said that, in an age of parcels and e-commerce, postal services were needed today more than ever.  
Introducing the Mayor of Berne, Mr Clivaz reinforced the importance the UPU places on its relations with the Swiss local government and diplomatic community. He also congratulated the Secretary General of the Intergovernmental Organization for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF), Wolfgang K├╝pper, who was present, on his recent election.     

Clarification regarding booking of parcels where volumetric weight exceed the maximum permissible weight limit and modifications in software



F. No. A-23011/42/2019-Ad.IIA
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

North Block, New Delhi,
Dated the 15th May, 2019.


All Pr. Chief Commissioners/ Principal Director Generals under CBIC/
All Chief Commissioners/ Director Generals under CBIC

Subject: Circulation of Order dated 13.03.2019 of the Hon’ble Tribunal, Madras Bench in MA No. 310/71/2019 in (&) OA No. 310/170/2019 filed by Shri K. Kandasamy& Ors -regarding.

Madam /Sir,

I am directed to forward a copy of the Order dated 13.03.2019 of the Hon’ble Tribunal, Madras Bench in MA No. 310/71/2019 in OA No. 310/170/2019 filed by Shri K. Kandasamy & Ors Vs UOI & Ors for your information. The said CAT judgment along with the judgments of Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court discussed in the said Order viz. judgment of Hon’ble Apex Court in the case of Chief General Manager Vs U.V. George & Others (2008) 14 SCC 699, the Judgment of Hon’ble Madras High Court in A.V.Thiyagarajan Vs The Secretary to Government (W.P. No. 20732/2012) and the Judgment of Hon’ble Karnataka High Court in UOI & 3 Others Vs YNR Rao (WP No. 18186/2003) may be cited / referred while dealing with such/ similar cases, if any, pending with your Zones/ Commissionerates/ Directorates.

Encl: As above. 
Yours faithfully,
(Gaurav Shukla)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tele: 011-23095528