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NFPE Odisha State CoC requests intervention of NFPE CHQ to bring an end to the Indefinite Strike called by Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) of RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack since 14.05.2019

NationalFederation of Postal Employees
Odisha State Coordination Committee
Sahidnagar Mukhya Dak Ghar, Bhubaneswar - 751007 

No. NFPE – ODI / 02 / 2019
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 16th May, 2018
Com. R N Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE
North Avenue Post Office Building
New Delhi – 110 001

Sub: Arbitrary Change of Headquarters of RMS ‘N’ Division from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar – Protest regarding.

Respected Comrade,
            This is to bring your kind notice that in spite of several correspondences, appeals, protests by Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) of RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack, the Circle administration has arbitrarily shifted the office of the SSRM, RMS ‘N’ Division from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar with effect from 14.05.2019.

The fact is briefed as follows.

The head quarters of RMS N Division was ordered and approved by the Directorate to function at Cuttack with effect from 01.12.1956. Since then it has been functioning at Cuttack without any problems or hurdles to the Dept or to any officer posted as SSRM.

Presently, the postal Directorate has approved to demolish the existing dilapidated building for construction of a multi-storied building since June, 2018. The postal Directorate has not approved to shift the building from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar by changing its head quarters which is mandatory. Now the requirement is to shift the office of the SSRM and HRO, Cuttack RMS temporarily to some other place(s) in Cuttack till completion of the new building.  But the present SSRM is repeatedly trying to shift it to Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar (now about to close)  and suggesting C O, Bhubaneswar as since October 2018. Since then the drama is going on and the Staff Side (Divisional Union) is strongly opposing it. In the meantime several round of discussions have been made with the Official Side and finally it was decided to do anything with due intimation to staff side. The SSRM has also given press statements during October, 2018 and February, 2019 which have been published in several local Odia dailies that there is no proposal for shifting of RMS N Dn Hqrs to Bhubaneswar.

The SSRM instead of consulting with the Staff Side or finding out a suitable  accommodation at Cuttack, advised the Office Supervisor to issue an Office Order to function the Divisional office from 14.5.2019 in Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar  in complete violation of his own agreement dated 22.2.2019.

In this context, this is to bring your kind notice that the Divisional JCA (NFPE & FNPO) of RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack in their letter No. N-Dn/RMS JCA/Strike/2019, dated 12.03.2019  intimated the SSRM ‘N’ Division, Cuttack that in case the office is shifted to Bhubaneswar then strike may take place from the day of shifting.

Accordingly, the staff members of Divisional JCA (NFPE & FNPO) of RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack are on Indefinite Strike since 14.05.2019.

Immediately, as Chairman, NFPE, Odisha State CoC, we rushed to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle and arranged a meeting with him on 15.05.2019 (Forenoon) requesting his kind intervention. Accordingly, the Chief PMG, Odisha called a meeting of the Staff representatives on 15.05.2019 (Afternoon).

The detailed discussions of both the meetings are reproduced below for kind reference.

As per the decision in the meeting with Staff Side in the Conference Hall of the Circle Office on 15.05.2019 regarding bringing out a solution to end the Indefinite Strike by the Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) of RMS ‘N’ Division Cuttack started since 14.05.2019 in protest against the shifting of RMS Divisional Office to Bhubaneswar, we paid a personal visit to Cuttack RMS accompanied with the staff representatives who attended the above meeting to assess the feasibility of functioning of the office of the SSRM, RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack in the 1st floor of RMS building.

What we observed, there no dearth of space at all to run the office of the SSRM, RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack in the 1st floor of Cuttack RMS building accommodating some sections in the ground floor of the building.  Our observations in detail have already been communicated to the Chief PMG vide our letter No. NFPE–ODI/01/2019, dated 16.05.2019 which is reproduced below for kind reference.

In this context, we are of the opinion that apart from shifting of the office, involvement of change of Divisional Headquarters is there for which order from the Directorate is mandatory. Illustratively, we can say that recently the Directorate has approved the change the Headquarters of the Superintendent of Posts, Lakshadweep Division from Kochi to Kavaratti vide its letter No. 14-05/2019-PE.I, dated 10.05.2019 in response to Chief PMG, Kerala letter No. EST/1-1/DLGS/CR/17, dated 02.01.2018. But in the instant case, no approval has been obtained by Odisha Circle administration to change the Headquarters of SSRM, RMS ‘N’ Division from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar.  Thus, such arbitrary decision is totally illegal and based on the whimsical decision of the present SSRM, RMS ‘N’ Division Cuttack who has been able to misguide the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle that there is no space (rent free) available in Cuttack to run his office.

Secondly, such transfer of the Divisional Headquarters in the absence of required approval of the competent authority will also compel the existing staff members of the Divisional Office for change of establishment etc.

Thirdly, unnecessary shifting of the SSRM Office with change of Headquarters will invite undue expenditure towards transportation and renovation of the proposed building / room in the Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar which can be saved  if it is considered to be functional in 1st floor of Cuttack RMS building.

In fourth, while several damages to the buildings and property have been caused and network connectivity has not yet been restored affecting seriously  the mail services due to the severe cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ in Odisha since 03.05.2019, the current strike has added salt to the injury and as known to this Circle Union and witnessed by this Circle Secretary, thousands of bags and lakhs of articles are kept pending in Cuttack RMS without sorting / dispatch which is inviting serious public resentments for non-delivery/delayed-delivery of articles. Thus, the strike needs to be withdrawn immediately with a negotiated settlement as per our given proposal to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle.

As such, we would like to impress upon you to kindly appraise the Directorate to instruct the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle to refrain from the change of the Headquarters of RMS ‘N’ Division, Cuttack and to issue specific instruction for hiring a suitable accommodation in Cuttack itself on rent to run the SSRM Office if the proposal of the staff side is not acceded to by the Circle administration failing which all the affiliates of NFPE / FNPO in Odisha Circle will join in the strike for which the Circle administration will be held responsible for all dislocations in postal services in Odisha Circle.

Expecting your kind immediate action.

With regards.
Comradely yours,
(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C &
Chairman, NFPE Odisha State CoC.

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