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Circle Secretary discusses with Chief PMG, Odisha on BJB Nagar and other issues in c/w COVID-19

Dear Comrades,
You all might have gone through the letter written today and sent to the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle in his official eMail id regarding strict and correct implementation of ‘The Odisha COVID-19 Regulations, 2020’ in connection with functioning of Post Offices in Odisha Circle to contain spread of COVID-19. Since there is 3 consecutive holidays ahead including today, we feel it necessary to send it through WhatsApp to the Chief PMG and talk to him directly. Just after sending the letter, the Chief PMG immediately called back and talked for about 10 minutes.

We directly registered our dissatisfaction before the Chief PMG regarding what we have been writing since long giving special importance to BJB Nagar issue. As informed by the Chief PMG, BJB Nagar S O has been completely sealed and he is in direct contact with IP, Bhubaneswar South Sub Division, Postmaster, BJB Nagar SO and State Govt. authorities. The BMC Commissioner has asked the Chief PMG for complete data of the concerned postman beat and the details of the persons to whom letters have been delivered by the affected Postman. The list is under preparation till our discussion with the Chief PMG at 9 PM today. We informed him the delaying attitude  of SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division to allow our employees on home isolation. The employees of Mancheswar Rly. Colony, Bhubaneswar – 17 have not yet been allowed to avail home isolation in violation of ‘The Odisha COVID-19 Regulations, 2020’. He suggested to take up the issue before the Divisional Head(s) through our Divisional Secretaries. He told that for purchase of preventive materials and distribution of dry foods, funds have been allotted to all Divisional Heads However, I stressed upon to guide the Divisional heads as written by us.

As such, we are of the opinion that our Divisional Secretaries should remain in close contact with the Divisional heads and mount continuous pressure on all issues already raised by us to contain spread of COVID-19. Any deviation noticed in any manner needs to be brought to the notice of the Divisional Head immediately under intimation to the Circle Union. We suggest all our Divisional Secretaries to be very much proactive during this national crisis to help the society and nation.

Stay Healthy and Stay Happy.


Circle Secretary


National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
        \  Phone: 011.23092771                                e-mail:                             Mob: 9718686800/9319917295                  website:

    No. PF-Covid-19/2020                                                             Dated: 04th April, 2020

            Shri P.K. Bisoi,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,s
  New Delhi-110 001

Sub: Regarding reduction in interest rates of POSB Schemes. 

       The entire country is terrified from the fear of a deadly pandemic, and the staff of the Department of Posts are playing a heroic role in combating the situation, ignoring their personal attack and protection of their families, to stay by the side of the fellow citizens.  

       What the people of our country needed the most in this panic-stricken environment is the assurance and protection of lives and assets from the Government of India at this hour of crisis. But unfortunately, by an unprecedented slash down in the rate of interest of different small savings schemes, the Government has preferred to induce further insecurity in the minds of the people of India. This has already become a practice of Govt of India, in the name of modification to reduce the rate of interests or increase the maturity period of different schemes running in Post Offices. But this time attack is unprecedented and incredible too, crossing all limits. When the same Government is expressing anxiety and running bank and post offices in the name of securing economy, the above decision has given a devastating blow to the middle and lower middle class people, who dominates the contribution in small savings.

     The decision has serious impact on the families depending on pension, families of small savings agents and as a whole a negative impact on the market as the purchase capacity of a large section is alarmingly reduced. This has already created a strong sense of resentment and anguish amongst this area to which the Govt. should not be turned indifferent.  

       This decision, thus, is totally condemnable and detrimental to the interest of common people and has also created a deep sense of apathy of the Government towards the people of the country. Being Postal employees and as an organisation having social accountability, we cannot show our back or turn a deaf ear to the cry of a huge section of affected people of India already combating a life-threatening crisis. Our department will also be affected adversely by this decision as our customers will be withdrawn from coming to post offices and there is no magic wand in the hands of the postal employees to attract them back and fulfill the targets set by the administration. 

      We, therefore, demand immediate drop of the decision to provide relief to the people of our country and our valued customers and maintain the trust of the people on the Government to protect the security and returns from the savings of their hard-earned income. Otherwise we would have no option but to show our protest, which is not desirable in this crisis of our Country.

With regards,
                                                       Yours Sincerely,

(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General
Copy to:

1.         The Hon`ble Minister of Communications & IT, Sanchar Bhawan, New Delhi-110001.

2.         Hon`ble Minister of Finance, Government of India, North Block, New Delhi-110001

Manual on Home Made Masks to prevent COVID-19

UPU and IATA cooperate to keep cargo moving

03.04.2020 - The UPU has joined a campaign launched by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to help keep cargo planes moving as governments suspend passenger flights due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The campaign seeks to encourage governments to fast track procedures and relax restrictions to keep air cargo supply lines, including the mail transport, open in the wake of widespread passenger flight cancellations.
According to IATA’s Airlines Cargo Operations Status page related to the Corona virus (COVID-19), more than 50 airlines have suspended service, while more than 160 have reported impacts to service. More than a million passenger flights have been cancelled until 30 June 2020.
In the case of post, UPU Supply Chain Coordinator Noor Adan and UPU Transport Programme Manager Jan Bojnansky explain that the majority of UPU’s designated operators used to transport their post via partnerships with passenger airlines. Halting services in that channel has therefore caused major delays for postal operators.
The UPU’s Director of Operations, Abdelilah Bousseta, said “We’re encouraging Posts to partner with air cargo carriers to keep the mail moving – particularly shipments of supplies meant to fight the spread of the COVID-19 virus.”
“We therefore fully support IATA’s campaign asking governments to ease up on red-tape for cargo carriers and are working to get our members on board with the initiative,” he added.
However, administrative and regulatory bottlenecks, as well as crew quarantine conditions, have prevented cargo flights from keeping pace with demand.
“Air cargo is a vital partner in the global fight against COVID-19. But we are still seeing examples of cargo flights filled with life-saving medical supplies and equipment grounded due to cumbersome and bureaucratic processes to secure slots and operating permits. These delays are endangering lives. All governments need to step up to keep global supply chains open,” IATA Director General and CEO Alexandre de Juniac stated in a March 25 press release on the matter.
IATA is asking governments to fast track permits that would allow cargo carriers to take over withdrawn passenger operations in key hubs. The organization has also recommended they remove restrictions, such as curfews, overflight charges and parking fees, and grant carriers temporary traffic rights to keep the supply chain moving.
Long-standing partners
The UPU and IATA have cooperated for more than 60 years through a regular contact committee. According to Adan, this close working relationship is more crucial than ever in these circumstances
“The cooperation structure that exists between these two organizations is a solid one – it works in normal circumstances, but it works even more especially during crises,” he says.
Bojnansky explains that the team got in contact with IATA as soon as they heard passenger flights were being cancelled.
“Since then, we’ve been in touch at least once a day,” he says.
IATA has established a webpage indicating cancellations and limitations across its membership, as well as a list of cargo carriers and their contact details. The UPU provided this list to Posts serving its 192 member countries. Adan and the UPU’s supply chain team are continuing to follow up with Posts, as well as air cargo rail, road and sea carriers, on the new routes they are using so that the team can provide a consolidated list of carrier options to all members.
Despite the UPU’s quick response, Adan and Bojnansky add that there is a key lesson to be learned from the unusual situation: that there is a need for a wider and greater cooperation with all the stakeholders in the global supply chain that can provide the UPU’s membership with a more flexible international mail transport network.
Those looking for more information on actions the UPU is taking to keep the supply chain working should visit the following webpage:


National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
         Phone: 011.23092771                          e-mail:
Mob:9718686800 / 9319917295,   website:

No. PF-Covid-19/2020                                                             Dated: 3rd April, 2020


            Shri P.K. Bisoi,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan,
 New Delhi-110 001

Sub:- Payment of wages to Part-time/Daily Rated Mazdoor (DRM) and outsourced   persons working in  Postal Department during lockdown period due to  COVID-19

Kindly refer to Dept. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, OM F.No.23 (4)/E. Coord/202O/I dated 23/3/2020. The basic spirit of the OM is that casual, contract and outsourced workers in different Depts., who will not be able to attend office in view of lockdown order regarding Covid-19 prevention, as announced by various State Govt. and finally in general by Central Govt. they shall be treated as on duty during such period of absence and necessary pay/ wages would be paid to them accordingly to avoid their hardship in this crisis. This OM shall apply till 30th April 2020.

In these circumstances, you are requested to cause follow up instructions so that Part-time / Daily Rated Mazdoor (DRM), outsourced persons working in all Post Offices/ Business Offices/RMS/ MMS offices in different Circles and are not in a position to attend offices for lock down etc may get due wages for the period as stated in above OM to avoid their hardship.

With regards,
                                                            Yours Sincerely,

(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General

Friday, 3 April 2020

State Govt. Order on complete shutdown of Bhubaneswar City, Cuttack City and Bhadrak Town from 8 PM of 03.03.2020 to 8 PM of 05.04.2020

Circle Office instructions on complete shutdown of Bhubaneswar, Bhadrak and Cuttack City for 48 hours starting from 8 PM on 03.04.2020

Donation of one day's salary to PM CARES Fund - reg

Complete Lockdown of Bhubaneswar and Bhadrak city of Odisha from 8 PM of 03.04.2020 to 8 PM of 05.04.2020 in connection with COVID-19

Text of PM's address to the nation on 03.04.2020

Prime Minister's Office

Text of PM's address to the nation

Posted On: 03 APR 2020 9:22AM by PIB Delhi
My dear fellow citizens,

Today marks 9 days of the nationwide lockdown against the Corona pandemic. The discipline and spirit of service you have displayed during this periodis unprecedented, and embodies the true meaning of both.
Government, administration and the public at large, have together made great efforts to manage the situation as best as possible.The manner in which you had expressed gratitude to all those fighting against the Coronavirus on Sunday 22nd March, has today become an example for all countries. Many are replicating it now.
Whether it is people’s curfew, ringing bells, clapping hands or clanging plates;they have all made the nation realize its collective strength in these testing times. It has led to the deepening of the belief that the nation can unite as one in the battle against Corona. This collective spirit of yours, of the nation, can be seen manifesting itself during these times of lockdown.
Friends, today, when crores of people of this country are confined to their homes, it will be natural for anyone to question what they can do just by themselves.Some people may also be worried about how they are going to fight such a big battle on their own. Many will be concerned about how many more days they will have to spend like this.
Friends, this is certainly the time of a lockdown, and we most certainly are confined to our own homes, but none of us is alone.The collective strength of 130 crore Indians is with each one of us, it is the strength of each one of us.It is required for our countrymen, to from time to time,experience the greatness, majesty and divinity of this collective strength.
Friends, in our country the citizenry is considered a manifestation of God itself. Therefore, when the nation is fighting such a huge battle, one should from time to time keep experiencing this collective superpower manifesting itself in the form of the people.This experience boosts our morale, gives us direction and clarity, a common aim as well as the energy to pursue the same.
Friends, amidst the darkness spread by the Corona pandemic, we must continuously progress towards light and hope. We must continuously strive to take those of us most affected, our poor brothers and sisters, from disappointment to hope. We must end the darkness and uncertainty emanating from the crisis, by progressing towards lightand certainty. We must defeat the deep darkness of the crisis, by spreading the glory of light in all four directions.
And that is why, this Sunday, on the 5th of April, we must all together, challenge the darkness spread by the corona crisis, introducing it to the power of light.On this 5th of April, we must awaken the superpower of 130 crore Indians. We must take the super resolve of 130 crore Indians to even greater heights.
Onthe 5th of April, on Sunday, I want 9 minutes from all you, at 9PM.Listen carefully, on the 5thof April, at 9 PM, turn off all the lights in your homes, stand at your doors or in you balconies, and light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights for 9 minutes.I repeat, light candles or diyas, torches or mobile flashlights, for 9 minutes at 9 PM on the 5thof April.
At that time, if you haveturned off all the lights of your homes, and each one of us in all directions has lit a diya; we will experience the superpower of light, clearly illuminating the common purpose we areall fighting for.In that light, in that lustre, in that radiance, let us resolve in our minds that we are not alone, that no one is alone!130 crore Indians are committed,through a common resolve!
Friends, I have one more prayer in this regard, that no one must assemble or gather anywhere while participating in this program. Please do not go out on to the roads, lanes or your localities, do it at the doorstep or balconies of your own homes. One must never cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ of Social Distancing. Social Distancing should not be breached under any circumstances.This is the only panaceato break the chain of Corona virus.
So, on the 5thof April at 9 PM.Sit in solitude for some time and reminisce about Maa Bharati, picture the faces of 130 crore Indians.Experience the collective resolve, the collective superpower of 130 crore Indians.This will give us the strength to fight, as well as the confidence to win, in this hour of crisis.

It has been said here that –

Utsaho Balwaan Arya,
Na Asti Utsaah Param Balam |

Sah Utsahasaya Lokeshu,
Na Kinchit Api Durlabham ||”

Meaning, there is no greater force in the world than our passion and our spirit.That there is nothing in the world that we cannot achieve on the basis of this strength.Come, let us come together and jointly defeat this Corona virus, and make India victorious.

Thank you very much!

Govt's relief package of Rs 1.70 lac crore to DBT Beneficiaries || Cash can be withdrawn from IPPB or Aadhaar linked Account through Post Office

I am proud to be part of the UPU staff and to work on something that is bigger than ourselves

02.04.2020 - Interview with UPU's Aude Marmier, Transport Programme Assistant

Q1: Could you please tell us about your career path?
I have studied French literature and Chinese studies – which includes - Chinese history, literature, and language - at the University of Geneva. Having discovered a real interest in Chinese, I have never stopped studying this language and it has remained my passion ever since my university years. While still a student, I worked as an Administrative Assistant and, later, a French substitute teacher in a public school in Geneva. However, I realized that I wanted to choose a different professional path. Therefore, after graduating and obtaining my Master’s degree in Chinese studies, I applied for an internship at the Human Security Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. I found it very motivating to support the promotion of issues that interested me: human rights, peace, humanitarian affairs, and migration.
Over the last six years, I have been working at the UPU. I have gained valuable experience working for many programmes in the Postal Operations Directorate (DOP), such as Quality of Service, Postal Financial Services, Customs and Transport, as well as the Postal Operations Council Secretariat. It has been a great opportunity for me to learn about and understand the activities carried out by the DOP.

Q2: What is your current role at the UPU?
Currently, I work as a Transport Programme Assistant in the same directorate. My daily work duties mainly include helping with the organization of internal and external meetings, staff missions and conferences. I also support the coordination and preparation of documents and follow up on different correspondence. For example, I contributed to the organization of the UPU Global Conference on Cross-Border Cooperation in an E-commerce World held in Xiamen, China, at the end of November last year.
Recently, due to the coronavirus outbreak, my daily tasks have been switched to one main task: the publication of large numbers of EmIS (Emergency Information System) messages from Union member countries. Therefore, I have started working closely with the UPU’s language services, who revise and translate these messages. All of us work hard on the same issue and this has become an important teamwork, to which I am happy to contribute.

Q3: What do you like about your job at the UPU the most? What inspires you?
The most inspiring thing for me is communicating and working with people from around the world. My coworkers come from different cultures and backgrounds, and they speak so many foreign languages. I strongly believe there is always a lot to learn from each other. It has been a real privilege for me to work with my colleagues on a daily basis.

Q4: Are there any challenges at work you have to face sometimes?
When people have to collaborate efficiently, especially under time pressure and heavy workload, various challenges may arise from this intercultural environment. However, despite how different we are, I believe it is possible to reach consensus, find solutions and achieve success together if we are all willing to cooperate as colleagues and if we are aware of how important our work is.

Q5: What does work at the UPU mean to you?
It means a lot. When I come to work every day, I remind myself that I am at the service of people of the world without exception. I strongly believe in the need for international organizations and their significant influence in our time and in the future. I have always wished to work in an organization that helps address global challenges. Having the possibility to do so now, at my humble level, is a dream come true. I am very proud and happy to be part of the UPU staff and to work on something that is bigger than ourselves.

Q6: Is there any message you would like to pass to your colleagues to inspire them?
Despite the difficulties, notice the beauty of simple things and do not forget to focus on what really matters.


Shri Santosh Gangwar
The Minister for Labour and Employment,
Govt. of India
Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg
New Delhi - 110001 

We the Central Trade Unions would like to draw your attention to the complaints/information/grievances being received by us from the workers, employees and our unions from all over India.   On our part we are doing whatever possible at our level in contacting the concerned officials of various government/state enterprises/institutions/industries/sectors and the state & local administration for the redressal. Our unions and activists are also involved in the relief work despite constraints of movement.

However we are bringing to your notice for seeking your immediate intervention at your level.

At the outset  we would like to point out that we had raised several issues in our joint letter addressed to the Prime Minister on 26th March 2020 (letter attached) .  We had demanded immediate announcement of strong statutory enforceable measures to arrest and put a ban on the ongoing spree of retrenchments, wage cut, forced unpaid leave etc being perpetrated by the employers on the workers, particularly contract/casual/temporary/fixed term workers in various establishments, particularly in private sector throughout the country to be enforced both by central and state governments. We are still regularly getting information of forced unpaid leave etc. including from NCR region. Appeal/Advisory by the  Govt, both the Labour Ministry and Home Ministry is not at all working at ground level to prevent loss of employment and earnings and also eviction from local residence in the process of lock down. We had detailed the demands about the immediate packages for  various sectors of workers.

The experience of the past seven days unfortunately bears out our apprehensions. We give some instances:

            Employees manning essential services run in the public/government sector being stopped and detained by the police, in spite of their holding valid  Identity Cards issued by the concerned authorities, the contract/outsourced workers mostly not being provided any protective gear. Even the ASHA and Anganwadi workers who are working in the frontline in combating Corona are being tortured and manhandled in various states by Police and local miscreants with impunity.

A vast number of workers, not even registered in any of the welfare boards and for whose benefit the Government claims to be putting in place the Social Security Code, suddenly find themselves without work, without any support system to feed them and cut off far away from their native places. There are reports pouring in from all the States that workers’ services are being dispensed with in total disregard of the “Advisory” by the Secretary Ministry of Labour and also by Home Secretary.

The government has not mobilized any machinery to transport grain supplies in their Godowns to various rationing outlets in States. Restriction on inter-state transport movement made the situation difficult further. Hoarding is rampant and the prices of essential commodities are shooting up which is causing further hardship to the working people.

We urge you to impress upon the concerned  departments to deal with those seeking opportunity in this hour of crisis or being callous to the plight of the masses, by enforcing the message of government advisories, to ensure that everyone has the means to feed himself/herself.

The migrant workers are in deep distress with no work, no money and removal from their work places and in many cases eviction from the rented accommodations, and have nothing to depend  upon for stay and food and   are desperately attempting to reach back to their home facing police highhandedness. Due to sudden lock down, the rail and road transport shutdown, they are  walking on highways  hundreds of miles, some of them along with their families including small children. Many of them are stopped/detained, insulted and humiliated by police particularly on the inter-state borders and are now staying under the sky midway. And above this, there are reports of deaths due to accidents and hardships.

We urge you that the government must act urgently to rescue them with necessary transport facilities and they should be provided with food, shelter water and required health services.  This is in line with the directions/advisories issued by the Home Secretary to all state govts. But Central Govt also must take the responsibilities to facilitate implementation of their own advisories/directions.

Please also ensure that all the unorganized workforce, registered and un registered, the daily/casual/contract/outsourced and piece rated home based workers, agriculture workers,  MGNREGA  and scheme workers including ASHA, Mid day meal, Anganwadi and others in such a category, those who are truck drivers and helpers, coolies/porters/loaders unloaders, construction & beedi workers, the domestic workers, waste pickers, self employed as hawkers-vendors, rickshaw pullers, e-rickshaw/auto/taxi drivers etc. are covered for the cash and ration relief at the earliest. Public Distribution System be used effectively and universally for all these needy people. Opening of procurement centers for the farm produce near to villages and towns could also help the accessibility to the producers and buyers. A comprehensive income-support scheme for all the unorganized/informal sector workers is the urgent need of the hour and we urge the Govt to urgently act upon the same to save overwhelming majority of the country’s workforce from biggest human disaster. Bank branches in some cases are 40 – 50 kilometer from the place of workers/their families, hence the other methods of disbursal of cash transfer should also  be devised.

The ESIC  hospitals and dispensaries be furnished with all necessary  protective equipments for the safety of medical, paramedical, safai karamcharis and other staff while giving their services. The necessary inputs of  medical facilities be taken care off. They should also be considered for insurance cover.

In view of the ever-growing scale and spread of the problems of these workers particularly migrant workers, and the trade unions being in the thick of things we request you to ask the counterparts in ministry of labour  in respective states to communicate and coordinate with all the trade unions in their states including formation of trade union committees and issuing valid passes to office bearers of trade unions for addressing the above mentioned issues including their participation in relief work.

         INTUC                   AITUC                    HMS                      CITU                 AIUTUC
               TUCC            SEWA                    AICCTU                   LPF                   UTUC