Tuesday 27 July 2021

BE(A)WARE - A Booklet on Modus Operandi of Financial Fraudsters

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UPU News - Swiss Post migrates its data to UPU Cloud


Swiss Post is the latest operator to move its International Postal System (IPS) software to the Cloud services operated by the UPU’s Postal Technology Center (PTC).

Swiss Post has used the international accounting component of the UPU’s IPS software for years, hosting and maintaining the software locally. It migrated to the UPU’s Cloud environment on June 30.
Swiss Post said the cloud version will simplify its processes. The UPU, which developed the software, will host it as well. This means the UPU will have access to the Swiss Post database. Any modifications that need to be done will be implemented immediately.
In addition to simplifying the software maintenance and support for posts, the Cloud environment of the UPU, which is ISO 27001 certified, brings a high level of security. This is vital given the sensitive information stored in the IPS software, said David Avsec, the PTC Account Relationships Coordinator.
Some data centers at large corporations are subject to laws that allow governments to access information being stored there.
“It cannot be the case with us, considering the status of our organization,” Avsec said. “We are a U.N. agency. So, in terms of security and personal data protection, postal operators are very well protected when they use our data centers.”
Winning Swiss Post’s trust to host their data on the UPU’s Cloud is a nice recognition, Avsec said. Swiss Post has, for several years in a row, been ranked No. 1 in the 2IDP rankings.
“It means that we meet a quality standard, we meet their expectations,” he said.
France, the Netherlands (for the CDS software) and Australia (for one of their ETOE) have already moved part of their operations to the UPU’s Cloud.

Circle allotment to probationers of 2018 and 2019 batches of India Postal Service(IPoS), Group 'A' for independent posting on completion of training

Clarifications/ Guidance sought from circles in matter pertaining to Individual cases

Strict compliance of guidelines on Air Travel on Official tours -regarding

Sunday 25 July 2021

SAD NEWS : Death of NFPE leaders in WB and UP Circle

Com Tarun Roy Banerjee, 59,  President, All India Postal Administrative Offices Employees Union (AIPAOEU), West Bengal Circle died of COVID-19 on 23rd July, 2021.

With his sad demise, West Bengal Circle lost a very honest, loyal and popular leader of NFPE.

Com. Abhishek Ojha, Circle Secretary, All India RMS & MMS Union Mailguard, Maimen & MTS, U. P. Circle expired  on 25th July 2021at KGMU Medical College Hospital Lucknow due to brain Haemorrhage. 

He was very young and healthy but he fell down in his bathroom due to high blood pressure at his home in Allahabad a week before. He was braught to Lucknow and after all efforts he could not be survived. 

We on behalf of NFPE Odisha, convey our heartfelt condolences to the  bereaved family members of Com. Banerjee and Com. Ojha and  stand with the Comrades of West Bengal and UP Circle.

May the divine souls rest in eternal peace.

Kudos to Mirabai Chanu for winning first medal on behalf of India in Tokyo Olympics, 2021

The Manipur girl Mirabai Chanu, 26  won the Silver Medel in Tokyo Olympics, 2021, incidentally the first medel for India after 21  years in weight lifting. While the entire India  is  excited  in her victory at this global platform, her hard labour and sacrifices behind this victory is to be respected. 

 NFPE Odisha congratulates Ms. Chanu and celebrates this victory.

Hope the Governments will reward her handy to avert any poverty in her life time.

ଆନ୍ଦୋଳନ କରିପାରିବେନି ପ୍ରତିରକ୍ଷା କର୍ମଚାରୀ

 Dear Comrades,

Who can say, the turn of civilian employees may not come tomorrow? Hence, it is high time to be united for common cause and accelerate the struggle movement. Every single call given by the CHQ, NFPE and Confederation should be given due importance and implementated in the grass root level in letter and spirit.

If not now, then never. 

Workers and employees of the nation, be united.



Circle Secretary

Courtesy : The Samaja, dated 25th July, 2021

Defence service workers barred from strike

Ordinance notifies prison term, fines for commencing or inciting strikes declared as illegal.

The Law Ministry late on Wednesday notified an Ordinance that prohibited employees engaged in essential defence services from taking part in any agitation or strike.

The Essential Defence Services Ordinance 2021 comes in the backdrop of major federations affiliated with the 76,000 employees of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) making an announcement that they would go on indefinite strike from July 26 in protest against the government’s decision to corporatise the OFB.

The notification stated that President Ram Nath Kovind “is satisfied that circumstance exists for the Ordinance as Parliament is not in session”.

“Any person, who commences a strike which is illegal under this Ordinance or goes or remains on, or otherwise takes part in, any such strike, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which may extend to ₹10,000 or both,” the Law Ministry notification said.

The notification added that anyone instigating or inciting others to take part in a strike declared illegal under the Ordinance shall also be punishable with imprisonment for a term that may extend up to two years, apart from having to pay fines.

The gazette notification said employees involved in the production of defence equipment, services and operation, or maintenance of any industrial establishment connected with the military, as well as those employed in repair and maintenance of defence products, will come under the purview of the Ordinance.

Following the Cabinet decision, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said there would be no change in the service conditions of employees of the OFB, and the decision was aimed at boosting India’s defence manufacturing sector.

On June 16, the Union Cabinet approved a long-pending proposal to restructure the nearly 200-year-old Ordnance Factory Board — operating 41 ammunition and military equipment production facilities — into seven state-owned corporations to improve its accountability, efficiency and competitiveness.

Courtesy : The Hindu, 1st July, 2021

Meeting of Secretary (P) with Staff Side, NC (JCM) on 30.07.2021 to discuss leftout items from 48th meeting of NC JCM


Inclusion of 2 items to be discussed in the NC JCM Meeting scheduled to held on 30.07.2021


Friday 23 July 2021

UPU News - In the line of duty

Postal workers from around the world share their memories and experiences of working on the frontline during the global pandemic.

Nikos Manikis, urban postman, Hellenic Post, Greece 

For Nikos Manikis one of his fondest memories from working during the pandemic was when he delivered a Christmas present to an eight-year-old boy after issues with global transportation caused long delays. “He was jumping for joy when I arrived with the gift,” he says. 

It is small moments like this, according to Manikis, that kept him motivated on the frontline during Covid-19. “I feel very proud that I am able to serve people during this time.”

Manikis’s role has changed considerably over the past year. It is now mandatory to wear a mask, use sanitizing gel regularly, and to physically distance where appropriate. “These changes have not been pleasant,” he comments. “However, I have learned to take nothing for granted. I fully understand that our health and safety is paramount, and this is the message I also try to convey to customers.”

Grainne O’Connell, postal manager, Chadstone Post Office, Australia Post

In November 2021 Grainne O’Connell will celebrate 10 years working with Australia Post and the past year has made her truly reflect on her role. “Australia Post is an organization based around connecting people, and to be able to continue to help our customers connect with their families and friends during the toughest time many of us have ever experienced, has definitely made me very proud.”

According to O’Connell, the pandemic has cemented the post’s role in the local community. “We’ve continued to operate throughout all of the various lockdowns,” she says. “For some of our older residents, we might have been the only contact they had with others in their day, week or month. I got to know customers more and could tell when they needed a bit of extra help or just needed a quick chat to feel connected.”

For O’Connell, one of the greatest challenges faced over the past year was the increase in parcels. “We had to call for extra parcel pick-ups because we did not have the floor space to store them all – it was crazy!” she says. “Our busiest time was the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, by which point we had almost got into a rhythm with it all and felt we knew how to manage it better.”

Reflecting on the past year O’Connell concludes, “The pandemic has given us an opportunity to fine tune our skills and better understand how technology can be used to help improve the way we work.”

Abdulaziz Rashed Kanfash, customer happiness employee, Al-Nakheel Customer Happiness Centre, Emirates Post

Abdulaziz Rashed Kanfash’s role at Emirates Post is to provide customer support at the Customer Happiness Centre. “This includes providing them with assistance when sending shipments,” he notes. 

The centre remained operational throughout the lockdowns. According to Kanfash, the post ensured that all measures were in place to keep both staff and customers safe, including daily temperature screenings for staff, social distancing and contactless transactions and deliveries. 

Kanfash notes that coping with the ongoing changes brought on by the pandemic was a challenge, but it was important to engage positively with the situation. “Working together toward common goals has never seemed so important,” he says. “I am proud to be someone working on the frontline to support the business and the community.”

Emirates Post supported the local community in a number of ways: “The post arranged home courier delivery of mail for senior citizens and people with PO Boxes during the lockdowns,” he says. “Emirates Post also issued a commemorative stamp as a tribute to front-line employees as part of the country’s #ThankYouHeroes campaign. Part of the proceeds of the sale of these stamps will go to the Emirates Red Crescent for its Covid-19 relief efforts.”

Anthony Fockenoy, expert service postman, La Poste  

Customer engagement is very important in Anthony Fockenoy’s role as an expert service postman for La Poste in France. For this reason, social distancing has been a challenge. “My role involves delivering parcels, mail and medicine to customers, and I also help set-up touchscreen tablets for the elderly and visit people who are isolated from their family,” he explains.

“A lot of my customers are elderly and isolated and not being able to spend time with them, even for five minutes, has been difficult,” Fockenoy continues. “We found alternative ways to provide services. During the crisis, I visited care facilities for the elderly to help with the installation of Ardoiz tablets – our electronic tablets dedicated to senior citizens. We didn’t have contact with the elderly, but we trained the health care staff to use the tablets so they could teach them.”

Fockenoy believes that the way the public perceives the role of the postal worker has changed as a result of Covid-19. “Local communities have really shown their appreciation for us during the pandemic,” he adds. 

Jeppe Grøndahl, parcel distributor, PostNord

Jeppe Grøndahl has seen parcel volumes soar during the pandemic, which has resulted in longer working hours. “Working days of 9-10 hours is now not uncommon and we are also called in at the weekend,” he says. 

Despite the long hours, Grøndahl is committed to delivering during the pandemic and the key to success, he notes, is teamwork. “As a team we have become better at solving the tasks we face and making sure everyone gets back to the hub in good time,” he explains. 

“We have also helped companies that started online sales when the lockdown occurred deliver their goods on time. I feel like I have made people happy and perhaps even helped get some important products delivered on time by doing a few hours of overtime,” he adds. 

Most of Grøndahl’s parcel deliveries are now made to homes rather than stores, and contactless deliveries have been implemented. “I do miss delivering to the high street and the associated chatting with people in stores and on the streets. The city is empty at the moment, which is strange,” he concludes. 

Wilma van Wensveen, mail deliverer, PostNL

For Wilma van Wensveen the greatest challenge faced during the pandemic, has been adhering to physical distancing. “I miss the contact,” she says. “Particularly when I can’t put an arm around someone who’s feeling sad. But I understand the importance of social distancing.”

Within the depot, maintaining the required 1.5m distance from other employees is also challenging. “Everybody wants to get started, but the new rules allow only one person at a time in the facility. In the rush of the mornings sometimes people forget this rule,” she explains. “We often use jokes as a light-hearted way to remind each other to keep their distance.”  

Wensveen concludes, “Looking back over the past year, I have learnt to be tolerant, patient and careful as a result of the pandemic. Overall I am very proud and also very grateful to PostNL that I can continue to keep working safely during these times.” 

Nguyen Thi Chuyen, postal worker, Thuy An Cultural Commune Post Office, Vietnam Post

Creativity and flexibility have been essential during Covid-19, according to Nguyen Thi Chuyen. The post office Chuyen works at has kept these two things in mind while tackling the pandemic. “Recently we had an outbreak of Covid-19 in our village, and therefore since January 28 the town authority has blockaded the village to prevent the spread,” explains Chuyen. 

“Before the outbreak, customers came to our office to use services. However, I now have to go to customers’ houses to collect their postal items. All transactions with customers have turned into online or indirect communication. My working hours have also become more flexible, and I arrange with customers the best time to serve them. Currently, my customers are even better served than they were before the pandemic began!”

According to Chuyen, Vietnam Post has gone above and beyond to support its workforce during the pandemic. “The post has guaranteed our jobs during this challenging time, and also provided us with protective equipment and guidance to keep us safe,” she concludes. 

Mohammad Syahiran Zulhilmi, postman, Singapore Post

For SingPost’s Mohammad Syahiran Zulhilmi, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to make a difficult decision. “Border closures meant that those of us who hailed from neighbouring countries had to choose whether to remain in Singapore and not see our families, or return home not knowing when we would be able to return to work.”

Zulhilmi chose to remain in Singapore – a decision that was made easier thanks to the ongoing support of SingPost. “SingPost took great care of us by putting us up in hotels and providing meal allowances, for example,” he says. “Supervisors were also available 24/7 to provide support and encouragement.”

Looking back over the past year, Zulhilmi continues, “As a frontline worker, the sight of formerly bustling community areas suddenly devoid of people sent chills down my spine. However, what stuck in my mind was the camaraderie on display every day at our regional base. All of us knew the risks when we reported for work, but we were motivated by the fact that all of us were performing a vital duty.” 

Covid-19 also highlighted the need for contactless deliveries, especially for e-commerce packages. “In December 2020, SingPost launched a public trial for PostPal, the world’s first smart letterbox, in two blocks within my beat. I was therefore trained to use PostPal, and now deliver to the two kiosks every day,” Zulhilmi says. “PostPal is able to automatically sort letters and postal packages directly to households, which saves me a substantial amount of time while improving mail accuracy.”

CGHS Webinar on 27/07/2021 (Tuesday) at 4.00PM on "Respiratory Disorders & Role of Yoga"

Compassionate Appointment of Departmental candidates in Odisha Circle


Engagement of GDS on compassionate ground in Odisha Circle