Tuesday 27 July 2021

UPU News - Swiss Post migrates its data to UPU Cloud


Swiss Post is the latest operator to move its International Postal System (IPS) software to the Cloud services operated by the UPU’s Postal Technology Center (PTC).

Swiss Post has used the international accounting component of the UPU’s IPS software for years, hosting and maintaining the software locally. It migrated to the UPU’s Cloud environment on June 30.
Swiss Post said the cloud version will simplify its processes. The UPU, which developed the software, will host it as well. This means the UPU will have access to the Swiss Post database. Any modifications that need to be done will be implemented immediately.
In addition to simplifying the software maintenance and support for posts, the Cloud environment of the UPU, which is ISO 27001 certified, brings a high level of security. This is vital given the sensitive information stored in the IPS software, said David Avsec, the PTC Account Relationships Coordinator.
Some data centers at large corporations are subject to laws that allow governments to access information being stored there.
“It cannot be the case with us, considering the status of our organization,” Avsec said. “We are a U.N. agency. So, in terms of security and personal data protection, postal operators are very well protected when they use our data centers.”
Winning Swiss Post’s trust to host their data on the UPU’s Cloud is a nice recognition, Avsec said. Swiss Post has, for several years in a row, been ranked No. 1 in the 2IDP rankings.
“It means that we meet a quality standard, we meet their expectations,” he said.
France, the Netherlands (for the CDS software) and Australia (for one of their ETOE) have already moved part of their operations to the UPU’s Cloud.

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