Tuesday 29 January 2019

Draft seniority List of P.S Group 'B' Officers as on 01.04.2016


No.12035/4/2015-Pol. II
Government of India
Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Directorate of Estates
Nirman Bhawan
New Delhi-110108
Dated: 9th January, 2019
Office Memorandum
Subject: Clarification on facility of concessional retention of General Pool Residential Accommodation at the last place of posting to Central Government employees transferred to NER, Sikkim, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and the State of J&K.
The undersigned is directed to refer to DoE’s O.M of even Number dated 24.5.2016 on the above mentioned subject and subsequent O.M of even Number dated 10.4.2018 regarding retention of GPRA by Central Government Civilian employees (including CAPF employees) and to say that para 3 of the said O.M dated 10.4.2018 which was based on the clarification issued vide O.M dated 24.5.2016, reads as under: –
“It is clarified that the facility of concessional retention of GPRA at the last place of posting for Central Government Civilian Employees (including CAPF employees), and Officers of All India Services is permitted only when the allottee of GPRA is transferred to Non-Family stations from other places and is not permitted to the Central government employees who are repatriated back to his/her parent office in Non-family stations on completion of their deputation from other places.”
2. Various representations have since been received from officers who have joined NSG and SPG on deputation requesting for permitting them retention of GPRA for their families at their last place of posting i.e Delhi at par with other CAPF personnel keeping in view the nature of duty performed by them. The requests have been considered and it has been decided that CAPF personnel on deputation to NSG and SPG shall be extended the facility of retention of GPRA at the last place of posting for a maximum period of 3 years, as per the provision of Rule 43 of CGGPRA Rules, 2017, on their transfer to Non Family stations. Para 3 of O.M of even Number dated 10.4.2018 stands amended to this extent accordingly.
3. This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
Sd/- (K.K.Acharya)
Deputy Director of Estates(Policy


Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
New Delhi, the 17th January, 2019.
Subject:- Implementation of the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission – Grant of Special Compensatory Allowances subsumed under Tough Location Allowance.
The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 19th July, 2017 regarding grant of Special Compensatory Allowances subsumed under Tough Location Allowance consequent upon acceptance of the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission. In this regard, in Annexure-1 to the O.M., where places/areas have been mentioned, Part ‘A’ SI. No. 4 — Jammu and Kashmir – “Illaqas of Padder and Niabat Nowgam in Kashmir Tehsil” under Doda District may be read as “Illaqas of Padder and Niabat Nowgam in Kishtwar Tehsil“.
(Nirmala Dev)
Dy. Secretary to the Government of India


Seventh Central Pay Commission relating to grant of Transport Allowance To Central Government Employees

George Fernandes, former Union Defence Minister passed away on 29.01.2019

George Fernandes, a multi-faceted personality,a trade unionist, an outstanding parliamentarian, a long time socialist despite his political adventurism that included Cabinet posts in two ideological opposite governments expired on 29.01.2019 . He was suffering from Alzheimer's disease, which had forced him out of the public eye for several years, and had recently contracted swine flu . He was 88.

Fernandes, who was born to a Christian family in Mangalore, Karnataka, burst into national limelight when as a firebrand trade unionist in Mumbai he organised a Railways strike in 1974 that brought the country to a standstill. Ironically, he became the Railways minister in 1989 under V.P. Singh's National Front coalition government, comprising mostly Left leaning parties. 

Despite being a staunch critic of the RSS, Fernandes joined the BJP-led NDA government under Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1998 and 1999, in which he was appointed the defense minister. Under his stewardship India fought the Kargil war in 1999. It was also during his tenure that India conducted nuclear test at Pokhran in 1998. 

He was also the Industry Minister under the Janata Party government which had defeated former Prime Minster Indira Gandhi in 1977. Soon he was at loggerheads with industrialists and slapped foreign exchange violation charges against Coca-Cola and IBM, which forced them to shut down their operations and quit India. 

The National Federation of Postal Employees, Odisha pays its respectful homage to the departed leader.

Let the divine soul rest in eternal peace.

UPU News : Inclusive capacity building with Trainpost

28.01.2019 - Having one of the most labour-intensive operations in the world means that the Post must promote the development of its staff to turn this heavy reliance on human resources into an asset for the sector.

Posts have long recognized this need, and there are many initiatives geared towards capacity building at the national level. The UPU has undertaken various human resource development projects to complement these efforts. One such example is its online distance-learning solution, known as Trainpost, which offers online training courses for the benefit of postal staff.

Building capacity

The UPU’s Development Cooperation Directorate launched Trainpost in 2004 as a means to share training techniques with managers in postal operators. Since then, Trainpost has developed into a full-fledged distance-learning platform, offering free modular courses on a range of topics, including postal reform and regulation, postal products, financial services, management of postal operations, postal technologies, and human resource management techniques.
The UPU’s development cooperation strategy emphasizes the importance of capacity building across the global postal network. Under that strategy, the UPU carries out a number of training activities in the regions, including organizing train-the-trainer workshops, lending support to regional and national training centres, and funding fellowships for staff in developing countries to attend UPU workshops.
Trainpost is a key tool of that development cooperation strategy and complements the on-the-ground work, allowing for more cost-effective and wider-reaching training. Learners can overcome geographical boundaries with just an Internet connection.
Indeed, the figures show that Trainpost’s reach is truly global. Some 19,000 postal staff in 190 countries have used the tool to further their professional development, amounting to more than 420,000 study hours. The Arab region, followed by Africa, have the highest participation rates on the platform.
The platform has equalized the training experience across all regions, regardless of level of development, by allowing the staff of operators that cannot afford costly classroom sessions to benefit from the same content. Postal operators and regulators in some regions have even linked Trainpost to their performance appraisal system.

Going digital

In an effort to streamline the Trainpost certification process for the benefit of global learners, the UPU recently introduced automated digital certification on the platform. This will ensure that learners receive their certificates as soon as they have successfully completed each course and will allow the UPU training team to dedicate more time to learner support.
Learners can access digital certificates for courses completed from January 2018 onwards by logging into their Trainpost account and clicking on the notification message alerting them that their certificate is ready.
In the future, the UPU hopes to move toward a fully immersive digital learning experience, with plans to offer online tutoring, multimedia support and a user-friendly discussion platform.
To access Trainpost, visit upu-trainpost.com. For more information, please write to us at UPU.Trainpost[at]upu.int.

Regarding Delivery of 'Order Reprint Aadhaar' and 'Aadhaar Validation' letters through Speed Post

Four Monthly Meeting of Chief PMG, Odisha to be held on 18.02.2018 with NFPE representatives

Agitational programme by AIPRPA, CHQ

Guidelines regarding merger of 33 postal dispensaries with CGHS

Friday 25 January 2019

Happy Republic Day

31st meeting of SCOVA -- suggestion for fresh agenda items

Clarificatory OM for payment of to family pensions on death attributable to Govt service a re-employed pensioner ..


National Federation of Postal Employees
1st Floor North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001
Phone: 011.23092771                                        e-mail: nfpehq@gmail.com
       Mob: 9868819295/9810853981           website: http://www.nfpe.blogspot.com

No.PF-01(b)/2019                                                                      Dated: 25th January, 2019


It is hereby notified in accordance with Article 12 of the Constitution of NFPE that the meeting of the Federal Executive of National Federation of Postal Employees shall be held at NFPE Office , 1st Floor North Avenue  Post Office Building , New Delhi-110 1 on 21st February-2019 from 11A.M.

The following will be the agenda for discussion:


1.    Organizational Review.
2.    Review of 2 days Nationwide Strike on 8&9 January, 2019..
3.    Review of agitational programmes of various affiliates of NFPE and future course of action.
4.    Postal Sectional problems arisen out of Technology induction and  various New Schemes.
5.    Review of Confederation programmes.
6.    Any other items with the permission of Chair.

                                                                                                                 (R.N, Parashar)
                                                                                                                Secretary General

Copy to:

1.    The Secretary (P), DG Posts, Member (P), DDG (SR) & Director (SR),  Dak Bhawan New Delhi-110001
2.    All General Secretaries  & NFPE Office Bearers.
3.    All CPMGS.
4.    Office copy.
5.    Press

Circle Secretary meets Chief PMG on 24.01.2019

Com. B Samal, Circle Secretary met the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on 24.01.2019 and discussed with him especially on transfer of PAs on the ground of completion of station tenure of 6 years recently circulated vide Directorate letter No. 141-141/2013-SPB-II, dated 31.07.2018 and 17.01.2019.

The probable difficulties that may arise out of such transfer on completion of station tenure of 6 years was discussed in details in the presence and participation of the AD (Staff). It was requested to interpret the conditions in favour of the officials as far as possible and guide  all the Divisional Heads to implement the rotational transfer guidelines to the convenience of the staff members.

The Chief PMG was convinced on the difficulties to be faced both by the officials and by the administration if  station tenure condition is strictly implemented without considering flexible conditions already  there in the Directorate letter which may favour both the officials and administration.

The Chief PMG guided the AD (Staff) to issue suitable instructions to all the Divisional heads as early as possible so that the recent transfer guidelines may be implemented without any difficulty to the staff members. Action may be taken so that all officials will  be comfortably placed as far as practicable.

We hope, necessary guidelines will be issued by Circle Office next week in this regard to protect the interest of the mass.

= B  SAMAL =
Circle Secretary

Guidelines relating to All India Postal Cultural Meet

Thursday 24 January 2019

Latest UPU figures signal potential for growth

23.01.2019 - A promising increase in international postal volumes suggests that the postal market may finally be reaping the rewards of digital transformation, explains UPU economist Mauro Boffa.

While the UPU’s Postal Economic Outlook, published earlier this year, showed promising double-digit volume growth for international postal exchanges in 2016, more recent data shows these figures have accelerated faster than expected.
International postal volumes by tonnage were up 10 percent in September 2018 compared with the same period last year. The results are an encouraging sign, considering important e-commerce events – such as Singles’ Day, Black Friday and the Christmas season – had not yet taken place, suggests UPU economist Mauro Boffa.
The UPU’s long-term analysis has shown that GDP growth has accelerated at a faster pace than growth in postal revenues, with average postal revenue growth marked at 2 percent per year and GDP growth at an average of 3.4 percent. The phenomenon – known as “postal–GDP decoupling” – has been a cause of concern for the postal sector for several years.
“It used to be that postal supply was a complement to the economy, but digitization brought along the challenge of digital substitution,” says Boffa, referring to the replacement of letters as the Post’s primary business. Global figures show that the parcels market’s share in revenues grew from 14.3 percent in 2006 to 22.8 percent in 2016, while letter post’s share fell from 48.3 to 38.9 percent during the same period.
Over the last several years, Posts have been changing up their business models, diversifying their portfolios and developing products that would allow them to take advantage of the quickly changing e-commerce market. Consolidation and restructuring are likely responsible for the lag in short-term growth but are an investment in the Post’s long-term prosperity. 
Boffa explains that the accelerated growth in international postal exchanges could mean that the postal sector is back on track to reap the rewards of its complementary role in e-commerce, provided that trade policy uncertainty and geopolitical tensions do not cloud next year’s economic growth. This is a risk already acknowledged by the International Monetary Fund, which revised its October estimates on 2018 GDP growth downward to 3.7% (0.2 percentage points lower than the organization’s April forecast).
Emerging models
Though there is no uniform model for revenue segmentation, the UPU’s figures show three emerging business models.
The Africa, Arab and Asia-Pacific regions have demonstrated a trend of diversification beyond parcels and logistics, toward financial and other services.
On the other hand, industrialized countries and Latin America are moving toward diversification into parcels and logistics while maintaining letter post as their core business.
Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States have increased their reliance on letter post driven by e-commerce–related small packets.
Surprising market
While digitization has led to the decline in the letters business, it seems to have created a surprising boom in philately. The Internet has made it easier for stamp collectors to find what they are looking for and has connected Posts to a global philatelic market.
Though philatelic products represent only a small portion of revenue for most Posts worldwide, data collected by the UPU since 2004 shows that philatelic revenues have continued to grow, representing 1.8 billion SDR (2.5 billion USD) of global postal revenues reported by designated operators in 2016.
The trend is especially prevalent in Asia-Pacific, likely thanks to an emerging upper middle class.
“Philatelic products are seen as a luxury collectible,” explains Boffa.
For a more in-depth review of the latest UPU postal statistics and a look at where the sector is heading, check out the UPU’s Postal Economic Outlook 2018: www.upu.int/en/resources/postal-statistics/latest-results.html.
This article first appeared in the December 2018 issue of UPU’s Union Postale magazine.

National Secretariat meeting of Confederation of Central Govt Employees & Workers - on 15-02-2019

Central Head Quarters: 1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 110 001

No.CONF/GEN/2016-19                                              Dt. 20-01-2019


Dear Comrades,

National Secretariat Meeting of Central Govt Employees & Workers will be held on 15thFebruary 2019 (15-02-2019-Friday)at NFPE office, 1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi – 100 001 at 03.00pm.

All National Secretariat members are requested to attend the meeting

The following shall be the agenda of the meeting.


1. 2019 January 8th & 9th All India Strike  -- Review
2. Confederation 10 points Charter of demands – Future course of action.
3. NPS – Building up of joint movement of like-minded organizations and future course of action.
4. All India Trade Union Camp – Finalizing venue and dates.
5. Financial Review.
6. Any other items with the permission of the Chair.
Yours fraternally,
Copy to:-
1. Com.K.K.N.Kutty, President, Confederation.
2. All National Secretariat members  - Refer previous intimation through whatsapp / SMS.



The Postman is the most familiar face and an important member of the society. When people speak about the Department of Posts what they visualize is the ‘Postman’.
Postmen remained familiar to us for more than a century and remembered for all the good reasons of joy that they bring along; be it the villages, metro cities or even the remotest parts of our county – they make their presence felt, everywhere, every passing day and touch upon the hearts of millions. Postmen carry great responsibilities in delivering letters, parcels, money orders, gifts and now even the banking services door-to-door.
They leave no stone unturned to ensure delivering mail and bring love, joy and affection, in fact, the messenger of all that are part and parcel of the society.
This event of installing the Postman Statue may be the first in India and also in the world. This is a great event in the history of Belagavi city and its beautification. It may also be the great event in the Postal Department’s history to honour the postman staff by installing a Postman statue in recognition of their untiring services rendered.
The Supdt. of Post Offices, Belagavi Division and its staff have decided to recognize the services rendered by the Postman staff all these years and have decided to install a Postman Statue in front of the Head Post Office.

        The Department in consultation with the Cantonment Board have decided to name the circle as “POSTMAN CIRCLE” (junction near Head Post office, Amba Bhavan) and the erstwhile Telegraph Road will be renamed as “HEAD POST OFFICE ROAD”.
All the officials and officers of the Department of Posts of Belagavi division have contributed towards the cost of the Postman Statue. Member of Parliament, Belagavi Suresh Angadi, has allotted Rs.5,00,000/- towards the installation of the platform and its beautification to the Cantonment Board. Both the Cantonment Board and the HESCOM authorities have helped the Department of Posts in the beautification of the circle.
The Postman Statue is made of bronze and weighing 350 Kg and has a height of 8 feet and made by noted artist Vinayak Manohar Patil. It took the artist 6 months to make the statue.
          The event of installing the Postman Statue is also a step in beautifying Belagavi City. In the later stage, a small garden and lighting will be done around the statue and the circle.
         All the members of the public were also invited to grace the function at Belagavi Head Post Office on 13th Jan. 2019 at 1100 hours.