Saturday 5 January 2019

Circle Union writes to Chief PMG, Odisha / CHQ on implementation of Rotational Transfer Guidelines issued vide Directorate letter No. 141 – 141 / 2013 – SPB – II, dated 31.07.2018

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/03 - 01/2019
Dated at Cuttack the 4th January, 2019
Dr. S K Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub:-  Implementation of Rotational Transfer Guidelines applicable to Group - C and Group - B (Non-Gazetted / Gazetted) officials– reg.
Ref.-   Directorate letter No. 141 – 141 / 2013 – SPB – II, dated 31.07.2018
Respected Sir,
It has come to the notice of this Circle Union that different Divisional Heads have already asked for options from PAs/SPMs/Postmasters who have completed post tenure of 3 years and station tenure of 6 years for annual rotational transfer in the light of the transfer guidelines issued vide Directorate letter under reference.

1. As seen, some Divisions are in a hurry to implement it since January 10 / 15, 2019 has been fixed as the last date for exercising option while the schedule, cut of date etc for rotational transfer have not yet been published by the Circle as enunciated under Para – 5 (iv) of the Directorate letter under reference.

2. In this connection, this Circle Union would like to submit that while most of the Group-C officials are Postal Assistants and Sub Postmasters (except LSG / Grade – I)  and under Divisional Cadre, their date of initial posting and date of posting in the present station will be the same in case of City Divisions and in several other places preferably in District Head Quarters where there are more number of Post Offices and officials are being rotated since their initial postings in P A Cadre remain within the same city.

3. Application of the condition of 6 years station tenure will certainly affect all P As who have rendered more than 6 years in such stations and hence there will be a large scale transfer which appears unfeasible due to heavy financial implications on TA / TP on one hand and more number of such employees to be transferred out of the city in comparison to less number employees to be accommodated from outside the city on the other.

4. Under Cadre Restructuring Proposal of Group-C Postal Employees the PAs who have been promoted to LSG Cadre and joined recently are yet to complete 3 years of post tenure in the cadre itself excluding the period worked as P As.

5. Most of the post offices both inside and outside the city area are not women-friendly without basic / essential amenities which are also inconvenient for other category of employees.

6. Postal Assistants born and retire as P A in the parent Division and who complete their service without any promotion or even with financial upgradation as a matter of practice so far, now in a state of fear psychosis to get disturbed from their original establishments after rendering 25/30/35 years of service in the same station which is creating a negative feeling and damaging their willingness to work after getting the letter to exercise option on the plea of completion of station tenure.

            Under the Circumstances, we would like to suggest as follows for smooth implementation of the above transfer guidelines both from administrative point of view and functional needs.

a.     All Group-C Postal employees including LSG officials may be excluded from the purview of 6 years station tenure. If necessary a clarification may kindly be called for from the Directorate in this regard.
b.    The post / station tenure of all LSG officials may be calculated from the date of posting as LSG in the office / station itself. The previous period of service rendered as P A in the office / station may be excluded.
c.    The post / station tenure of all HSG-II and HSG-I officials may be calculated from the date of posting as HSG-II / HSG-I in the office / station itself. The previous period of service rendered as LSG / HSG-II in the office / station may be excluded.
d.    In the overall context of administrative requirement and austerity measures, instructions issued under Para – 5 (ii) and (iii) of the Dte. letter under reference may be strictly followed.
e.    For women employees, employees having differently-abled dependents and where spouse is an employee, instructions issued under  Para – 5 (xx), (xvi) and (xvi) of the Dte. Letter under reference may be strictly followed.

Hope our suggestions will be given due importance for the overall welfare of the staff members and all the Divisional Heads may by guided suitably in this regard.

Expecting your kind immediate intervention, Sir.

With regards.
Yours faithfully,
Circle Secretary
Copy for kind information and necessary action to  Com. R N Parashar, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151 / 1, New Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 10 008. He is requested to kindly pursue the case at Directorate level and arrange to issue suitable instructions to all HoCs exempting all Group-C and Group-B non-gazetted officials from the purview of the condition of station tenure.
Circle Secretary

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