Friday 25 January 2019

Circle Secretary meets Chief PMG on 24.01.2019

Com. B Samal, Circle Secretary met the Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on 24.01.2019 and discussed with him especially on transfer of PAs on the ground of completion of station tenure of 6 years recently circulated vide Directorate letter No. 141-141/2013-SPB-II, dated 31.07.2018 and 17.01.2019.

The probable difficulties that may arise out of such transfer on completion of station tenure of 6 years was discussed in details in the presence and participation of the AD (Staff). It was requested to interpret the conditions in favour of the officials as far as possible and guide  all the Divisional Heads to implement the rotational transfer guidelines to the convenience of the staff members.

The Chief PMG was convinced on the difficulties to be faced both by the officials and by the administration if  station tenure condition is strictly implemented without considering flexible conditions already  there in the Directorate letter which may favour both the officials and administration.

The Chief PMG guided the AD (Staff) to issue suitable instructions to all the Divisional heads as early as possible so that the recent transfer guidelines may be implemented without any difficulty to the staff members. Action may be taken so that all officials will  be comfortably placed as far as practicable.

We hope, necessary guidelines will be issued by Circle Office next week in this regard to protect the interest of the mass.

= B  SAMAL =
Circle Secretary

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