Tuesday 22 January 2019

Notice for 10th Circle Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle at Bhanja Bhawan, Sector - 5, Rourkela – 769002, Sundergarh from 01.03.2019 to 03.03.2019

No. P3NFPEOdisha / Con. – 08 / 2019
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 22nd  January, 2019


Notice is hereby given under Article 32 (a) of the Constitution of All India Postal Employees Union, Group – C to hold the 10th Circle Biennial Conference of AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle at Bhanja Bhawan, Sector - 5, Rourkela – 769002, Sundergarh  from 01.03.2019 to 03.03.2019.

            The following shall be the agenda for discussion.

1. Confirmation of the proceedings of last Biennial Conference held at Balasore.  
2. Consideration and adoption of Biennial Report, Audited Accounts and Budget Estimates.
3. Organizational Review :
a.         Review of all agiational programmes called by Confederation, NFPE/Postal JCA, CHQ including one Day Strike on 16.03.2017 and 23.08.2017, March to Parliament and 2 days strike on 8th and 9th January, 2019.
b.    Review of local agitational programmes. 
c.    Collection of new membership during April-2017 / April-2018. 
  1. Administrative irregularity in treating the unrecognized Union / Federation.
  2. Periodical meetings with Divisional / Regional Heads and Circle Head.
  3. Reconstitution of RJCM, Odisha Circle.
  4. Activities with NFPE / Confederation, Odisha State Coordination Committee.
  5. Activities of Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO), Odisha Circle.
  6. Relationship/activities with other sister Unions/Federations including GDS / Casual Workers.
  7. Forthcoming agitational programmes. 
4. All India Issues:
      a.   Issues related to Seventh CPC.
b.   New Pension System.
 c.   Downsizing / Closure / Merger / Privatization / Corporatization / Outsourcing of Govt. Services
d.  Implementation of Task Force Report in DoP and IPPB.
d.   Bench Mark in MACP.
e.   Implementation of Transfer Guidelines dated 31.07.2018 and 17.01.2019.
f.    Five days week in Postal and RMS wing.
g.   Problems arising out of enhancement of cash conveyance limit without security.
h.   Problems arising out of Modernization and Technological advancement.
i.      Problems in FSI (CBS & CIS) and CSI.
ii.     Outdated hardware/accessories without AMC.
iii.  Delay in sanction of Leave, GPF, TA / LTC Advances and other personal   claims etc. due to non-functioning of Employee Portal in SAP
i.      Grant of pay fixation benefit to officials promoted to LSG after getting MACP.
j.      Postmaster Cadre.
k.     Five Time Bound Promotions
l.      Filling up of vacant posts
m.    Amendment of Labour Laws and attack on Trade Union rights
5. Local issues :
a.   Cadre Restructuring Proposal and post Implementation issues  in Odisha Circle:
b.   Arbitrary deputation/attachment of LSG officials to work against non-LSG posts.
c.    Unachievable target in BD/POSB/PLI & RPLI/IPPB and exploitation to employees. 
d.    Non-creation of posts and dragging of officials from existing establishment for deployment in different CPCs and Hubs.
  1. Forceful collection of money from staff members in the name of organizing philatelic exhibition and celebrating foundation day.
  2. Threatening of disciplinary action in WhatsApp groups created by authorities.
  3. Non-sanction of admissible advance and pending T A / Medical Bills.
  4. Revision of Coolie Charges to maintain uniformity.
  5. Provision of uniform rate throughout the Circle for daily rated mazdoors to manage the short term vacancies of Postmen / MTS.
  6. Inclusion of Pre-1986 Training Period for increment purpose – Case of Odisha Circle.
  7. Dequarterization of Post Offices in uninhabitable condition.
  8. Civil / Electrical maintenance works of PO buildings and staff quarters.
  9. Continuous deputation of P As from Divisions to Circle Office / PSD / CSD.  
  10. Problems of women employees.
  11. Other Divisional / Regional issues, Viz. Bhadrak, Sambalpur and others
6. Problems of GDS and Casual Workers in Odisha Circle.
7. Financial Review:
            -  Implementation of enhanced membership fee adopted in Bangalore AIC, 2017
-  Financial Position of the with Income / Expenditure Statement
-  Remittance of Quota by Divisions to Circle Union, CHQ and NFPE.
8. Policy and Programme – Devising ways and means to implement All India Union’s Policy    and Directions.
9. Resolutions on various problems.
10. Election of following office bearers:
(a) : i. President, ii. Three Vice-Presidents, iii. Circle Secretary, iv. Five Asst. Circle Secretaries, v. Financial Secretary, vi. Assistant Financial Secretary and  vii. Three Organizing Secretaries. (b):Appointment of an Auditor,(c):Supreme Councillors.
11. Any other item with permission of the chair.
12. Vote of thanks
Circle Secretary
Copy for information and necessary action: (Through eMail):
1.      The Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar – 751 001 with kind request  to instruct all Divisional / Regional Heads for granting Special Casual Leave as admissible to all the Circle Union Office Bearers, Divisional Secretaries,  Circle Councillors and delegates.
2.    Com. Trilochan Parida, President, AIPEU, Group-C, Odisha Circle.
3.    All the Divisional Secretaries / Circle Union Office bearers / Circle Councillors.
4.    Com. R N Parashar, General Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, CHQ, Dada Ghosh Bhawan, 2151 / 1,  New Patel Road, New Delhi – 110 008.
5.    Com. Ranjan Kumar Rout, Divisional Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C, Sundergarh Division for making necessary arrangements to conduct the Conference.
6.    Notice Board
7.    Press
Circle Secretary

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