Tuesday 20 June 2017

Reply of NFPE to the Secretary (posts) on the call of agitational programmes

 National Federation of Postal Employees
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No. PF-12/2017                                                                     Dated : 19th June,2017
            The Secretary,
            Department of Posts,
            Dak Bhawan.
            New Delhi-110 001
Ref : Directorate  letter No.08-12/2017-SR dated 16th June-2017.
            While acknowledging the receipt of your letter cited above  I , on behalf of NFPE and all its affiliated Unions/Associations , like to make it clear that we , as a responsible organisation , always stand for negotiated settlement and want to avoid confrontation with the administration. But we regret to note that in spite of our positive approach and patiently waiting for two years for redressal  of our genuine grievances , things are not moving at Directorate level and same is the position with many circles also. For example :-
(1)       No direct recruitment to fill up outside quota vacancies has taken place for the last three years. Examinations are being conducted, but final list of selected candidates are not published. 7th CPC has stated that there are 60000 vacancies remaining unfilled in Postal department as on 31.12.2015. Now the figure will be more than one lakh. Ahout 40% posts are lying vacant in each division and employees are suffering like anything. Are the employees responsible for this state of affairs?  As DOP&T has repeatedly made it clear that there is no ban on filling up of vacant posts, who is responsible for three years delay in filling up of posts ?
(2)       GDS Committee Report is submitted to Government on 24th November 2016. Even after seven months the recommendations are still under process. Approval  of Communications Minister , Ministry of Personnel , Ministry of Law , Ministry of Finance , Cabinet approval --- all these stages are pending . Kamalesh Chandra Committee took 18 months only for submitting the report , but it seems that Postal board will take two years for implementing the recommendations. Are the employees responsible for this unjustified delay ?
(3)       Re-verification of membership of Departmental employees was completed in the year 2015. Even after two years results are not published. GDS re-verification of membership, it was due in 2015. Process of calling for applications from unions/associations completed. After that nothing is moving. What prevents the Postal Board from conducting membership verification of GDS and also declaring the result of departmental employees? Are we responsible for the two years delay?
(4)       Regarding Cadre restructuring of Postal Group -C, we submitted a detailed memorandum requesting some modification's and also uniform guidelines to all circles etc . Then Secretary, Department of Posts assured us that pending decision on our memorandum, the Cadre restructuring orders will be kept in abeyance.  But the Directorate went ahead with unilateral implementation in certain circles putting a large section of Group-C employees to untold miseries. What prevented the department in honouring the assurance given by Secretary, Department of Posts? 
(5)       Event though repeated assurances were given that Cadre-restructuring proposal of left out categories will be implemented shortly , now almost four years are over after signing the Cadre-restructuring agreement between Postal Board and Staff side. Are we responsible for this unpardonable delay? 
(6)       Orders for revision of wages of casual labourers with effect from 01.01.2006 was issued by Directorate in January 2015 and again orders for revision of wages from 01.01.2016 was also issued. But till this date the Directorate orders are not implemented in Tamilnadu Circle. What prevents the Directorate to make the CPMG Tamilnadu Circle to implement Directorate orders ? Is CPMG Tamilnadu circle superior to Secretary , Department of Posts ?
(7)       There are many other issues also which remains unsettled for years together due to the indifferent attitude of the Postal Board. 
         In short, we feel that things are not moving at Directorate level and there is paralysis in file movement and decision making. We want things to move and staff grievances settled in a time -bound manner. Instead of assurances, we want result-oriented action
          I once again assure you that we are ready to call- off the proposed agitational programmes , provided the department come forward for a satisfactory , result-oriented negotiated settlement on all the demands raised by us in our memorandum . 
Yours Faithfully,

Secretary General.

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