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UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?

Conference on Postal Regulation – 9 April 2019

The UPU Council of Administration is launching a public consultation on the UPU remuneration systems through the Conference on Postal Regulation, which will be held on Tuesday, 9 April 2019 under the theme "UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World?".
The conference will be organized as a forum for broad consultation, beyond the most direct stakeholders of the UPU. As part of the consultation process, all interested parties are invited to submit their papers for the conference. See below for more information about the deadlines and submission guidelines for conference papers.


The UPU and the international treaties it oversees do not set the prices that a retailer or shopper, be it a private individual or a company, pays to a postal operator (designated operator) for the international delivery of postal items, including e-commerce items. This is a matter for the designated operator and its customer, and where domestic postage prices are controlled by a government, the government concerned.
The purpose of the UPU remuneration systems is to compensate the designated operators of destination countries for the cost of handling, transporting and delivering postal items from abroad. Although the relationship between the UPU remuneration systems and postage is indirect, UPU remuneration does constitute a major cost component that needs to be taken into consideration by the sending designated operator when it receives, processes and dispatches a postal item sent to an addressee residing in another country. For destination countries, receiving cost-covering remuneration is important to ensure the sustainability and development of the universal postal service.
UPU member countries are responsible for negotiating, approving and implementing the treaty rules governing the UPU remuneration systems. As a result, the terminal dues and other UPU remuneration are constantly reviewed and updated in line with market conditions and other important principles, such as those of ensuring cost coverage and non-discriminatory access by the world's citizens to an affordable universal postal service.
The review of the UPU remuneration systems is entering an important phase as some of the work on the development of proposals for a new integrated remuneration system has been expedited. At its meeting in October 2018, the Council of Administration decided that, in support of this work, the regulatory and market impacts of the current UPU remuneration systems should be thoroughly assessed and that the learnings from this review should be fully taken into account when proposals for the remuneration systems are presented to UPU member countries for their consideration and approval.

Call for papers

As part of this consultation process, interested parties will have the opportunity to submit research and policy papers within the scope of the conference topics. All papers received by the International Bureau by 8 March 2019 will be published on a dedicated web page. There is no requirement to register or participate in the Conference on Postal Regulation in order to submit a paper.
Following a review process, a number of papers will be selected for publication in the conference volume titled UPU Remuneration Systems – New Frontiers for an Old World? Papers selected for the book will be announced at the Conference on Postal Regulation on 9 April 2019. Papers will only be published in print upon written consent by the authors.
Please take into account the following important dates:
* All papers will be published in English on the dedicated website. Papers originally submitted in French will be translated into English and published in both French and English on the website.   
Deadline for paper submission in English or French*08March2019
Review deadline for print publication31March2019
Acceptance notification for print publication04April2019
Conference on Postal Regulation09April2019
Release of conference volume15June2019

Submission guidelines

Authors can submit two types of papers: short papers (up to 10 A4 pages in length) and full papers (up to 20 A4 pages in length), plus unlimited pages for references. Page limits include diagrams and appendices. Authors are advised to submit their papers as soon as possible, but no later than 8 March 2019. There is no guarantee that papers received after the deadline will be considered. Authors do not need to register or participate in the Conference on Postal Regulation for their paper to be considered for print publication. No fees apply for the submission and publication of papers (online and print).
Submissions should be formatted according to the instructions in the general guidelines, using the template.
Papers can be submitted by e-mail to:
paul.schoorl(at), copy to virginia.espinoza(at)
For more information on the public consultation and the Conference on Postal Regulation, please contact:
Remuneration Development Expert
Policy, Regulation and Markets Directorate
International Bureau
P.O. Box 312
3000 BERNE 15
+41 31 350 35 91
+41 31 350 31 10


Any material and content presented within the scope of the conference, including presentations, speeches and papers, whether published on the UPU website or in the print edition, solely reflects the views of the author(s), not the UPU or any of the UPU bodies.

Conference Programme

Theme: UPU remuneration systems – new frontiers for an old world?

Paper submission guidelines

Call for papers – Conference on Postal Regulation – 9 April 2019.

Paper submission template

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