Sunday 9 December 2018

Circular of Postal Joint Council of Action (NFPE & FNPO), Odisha

Postal Joint Council of Action
National Federation of Postal Employees
Federation of National Postal Organizations
All India Postal Employees Union, GDS
National Union, GDS

No. PJCA/Odisha/2018,                  
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 9th December, 2018


Dear Comrades,
     A meeting of all the affiliates of NFPE and FNPO, Odisha Circle along with the AIPEU GDS and NUGDS was held in the campus of Bhubaneswar GPO on 09.12.2018 under the chairmanship of  Com. B Samal, Chairman, NFPE, Odisha State CoC and Circle Secretary, P-III, Odisha.

       A threadbare discussion in the light of Postal JCA Circular dated 16.11.2018 (Copy enclosed for ready reference) took place on the forthcoming agitational programmes culminating with 2 days nationwide strike on 8th and 9th January, 2019 with 21 point charter of demands of Postal JCA and 12 point common charter of demand (Copy enclosed) and it was unanimously decided to undertake serious campaign programmes as detailed below to make the above strike a successful one.

Date &
Time of Meeting
Leaders / Divisions to attend
16.12.2018 (Sunday)
10 AM to 2 PM

All Circle Secretaries of Postal JCA  and all Postal & RMS Divisions  under Berhampur Region
05.30 PM
8.30 PM
Com. Subhash Chakraborty AGS P-IV  & Com. N.S. Chakraborty AGS - R-III
Com. D K Sethi, CS, R-III, Odisha
Com. S K. Swain, Circle Secy, P-IV, Odisha 
And From FNPO
Shri Johnson D Avokkaran, ASG, NAPE P.III, Shri Rabindra Pattnayak, D.G.S NUR-C,
Shri Lambodar Rout ,CS NUPE P4,
Shri Manoranjan Sarangi, CS, NAPE P.III, Shri Gautam Das, CS, NUGDS
30.12.2018 (Sunday)
10 AM to 2 PM

All Circle Secretaries of Postal JCA and all Postal & RMS Divisions  under Sambalpur Region

As such, all the Divisional Secretaries are requested to form JCA immediately and start campaign programmes rigorously to make the forthcoming 2 days nationwide strike a grand success.

The Convener, Postal JCA, Berhampur, Bhubaneswar and Sambalpur are requested to finalize the venue and take all initiatives for smooth conductance of the campaign programmes. 

They are requested to call combined General Body Meetings (P-III, P-IV, R-III, R-IV and GDS) as per the place, date and time mentioned above.

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to ask their local Circle / Division / Branch Union office bearers to remain present in the venue in time as per the programme

Expecting cooperation from all of you.

With struggle greetings.

Encls.- PJCA Circular & Charter of Demands
Comradely yours,

(Manoranjan Sarangi)
Circle Secy, P-III, FNPO, Odisha 

(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secy, P-III, NFPE, Odisha  

(Lambodar Raut)
Circle Secy, P-IV, FNPO, Odisha 

(Sudhir Kumar Swain)
Circle Secy, P-IV, NFPE, Odisha 

(R N Pattnaik)
Circle Secy, R-III, FNPO, Odisha

(Dusmanta Kumar Sethi)
Circle Secy, R-III, NFPE, Odisha

(Syed Basa)
Circle Secy, R-IV, FNPO, Odisha

(Ashok Kumar  Mohanty)
Circle Secy, R-IV, NFPE, Odisha

(Goutam Das)
Circle Secy, NUGDS, Odisha

(Kalinga Kumar Panda)
Circle Secy,  AIPAEA, Odisha

(Srikanta Mallick)
Circle Secy,  AIPEBCOEA, Odisha

(Kishore Biswal)
Circle Secy, AIPAOEU, PPP Branch, Odisha

(Nirmal Chandra Singh)
Circle Secy, AIPEU GDS, Odisha Circle


Circular No. PJCA/2/2018                                      Dated - 16.11.2018

     A meeting of Postal J.C.A consisting of NFPE, FNPO, AIPEU GDS and NUGDS was held at NFPE office, North Avenue, New Delhi on 15-11-2018. All General Secretaries of NFPE, FNPO and GDS Unions participated in the meetings.

       The meeting was presided over by Com. T.N Rahate, Secretary General FNPO.

       A threadbare discussion took place on the prevalent situation in Deptt of Post. Deptt is moving ahead on the path of corporatization which will lead to privatization of services in future . IPPB is the burning example of this. After MNOP, PNOP has been brought and separate Parcel Directorate has been  Setup . The Minister communication is announcing to setup a separate company for PLI & RPLI.

       There is acute shortage of staff in each cadre . Cadre Restructuring for left out categories is not being finalized. The result of regular membership verification conducted in 2015 has not been declared yet. The entire process of GDS membership verification was cancelled arbitrarily.

       High Court & Supreme Court decisions in respect of MACP, RTP and others matters are not being implemented.

       Positive recommendations of Sri Kamlesh Chandra Committee are not being implemented.

       Every day new services are being introduced without developing proper infrastructure and without providing adequate manpower and training to the staff. Deptl Council meetings and periodical meetings are also not being held since long. More and more victimization of trade union leaders has become the order of the day.

       So therefore taking a serious note of all the above mentioned facts, PJCA has decided unanimously to conduct 2 days strike on 8 & 9 January – 2019 for which vigorous campaign will be launched . All leaders of NFPE & FNPO will carry on the campaign programme which will be declared shortly.
            T.N Rahate                                                                           R.N Parashar
          S/G – FNPO                                                                           S/G - NFPE

1.    Implement all positive recommendation of Sri  Kamlesh Chandra Committee report and grant Civil servant Status to GDS.

2.    Fill up all Vacant Posts is all cadres of Deptt of Post i.e P.A/S.A, Postmen, Mail Guard, MTS, GDS, Postal Acctts, P.A  Admn Offices, P.A SBCO & Civil Wing etc and separate identity of all cadres within a time frame.

3.    Settle all the problems arisen out of implementation of C.S.I & R.I.C.T.

4.    Withdraw NPS and Guarantee minimum pension 50% of last pay drawn.

5.    Membership verification of G.D.S and declaration of result of regular employees membership verification conducted in 2015.

6.    Implementation of orders of   payment of  revised wages and arrears to the casual , Part time, Contingent employees & daily rated mazdoors as per 6th  7th CPC and Regularize Services of  casual Labourers.

7.    Implement Cadre Restructuring for left out categories i.e RMS, MMS, Postman/MTS, PACO,  PASBCO, Postal Acctts, Postmaster Cadre and Civil Wing etc.

8.    Stop Privatization,  Corporatization and out sourcing in Postal Services.

9.    Very Good Bench Mark should be implemented after issue of orders i.e from 25.7.2016.

10. Implement 5 days week in Postal and RMS.

11. Consider the suggestions by RMS JCA regarding PNOP & CSI.

12. Enhancement of higher payscales to those categories whose minimum qualification has been enhanced e.g Postmen, Mail guard.

13. Grant of pension to the promoted GDS based on Supreme Court Judgement in SLP No (C) 13042/2014.

14. Withdraw orders of enhancement of cash conveyance limit without security.

15. Implement all High Court and Supreme Court decision in C/W MACP, RTP and others.

16. Cash less facility treatment under CGHS  and allotment of adequate fund under head MR & T. A.

17. Retention of Civil wing is the Deptt of Post.

18. Holding of Deptt Council Meetings and periodical meetings at all level.

19. Stop Trade Union victimization and in the name of unscientific targets.

20. Provide 40%SCF Quota promotion in AAO Cadre and amend RR incorporating the modification demanded by AIPAEA.

21. Status of audit to SBCO

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