Friday 8 October 2021

UPU News : International postal sector to examine “big issue of our time”: Climate change

 Berne, 29 September 2021. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) will hold a virtual World Leaders Forum on 11 October discussing the Post’s involvement in global trade economic development and sustainable business. Titled “One Ocean – Many Currents – Facilitating Sustainable Global Trade,” the one-day event examines the alarming pace of global warming and its implications for the international postal sector.

“Given the size of this global industry that employs over 5 million people, it is clear the postal sector can play a leading role in helping the world combat the devastating impact of climate change,” said the UPU’s Programme Manager for Communications and Events, David Dadge.
“I hope everyone from the postal and logistics industries will take the opportunity to join the event and to hear what the world’s postal leaders have to say on climate change, sustainability and global trade,” he added. 
The event opens with a keynote speech from the Universal Postal Union’s Deputy Director General Pascal Clivaz, followed by the views and insights of postal leaders from around the world. Afterwards, a session titled, “Sustainability—the big issue of our time” examines climate change and other sustainability issues. Later in the afternoon, postal industry experts and thought leaders will discuss and reflect on the journey ahead. The day ends with a summary and conclusion. 
“The UPU’s World Leaders Forum, takes place online and addresses many of the sector’s challenges and opportunities. We will hear from postal leaders from around the world on how they are emerging from the global pandemic and how they plan to stay relevant for their customers in the future,” said Derek Osborn, a business and career coach in the postal industry who will moderate the day’s events.
At the 27th Universal Postal Congress, 9-27 August, the Universal Postal Union unanimously adopted a resolution – co-authored by Austria, France and Germany – committing the UPU to investigate possible emission reduction targets and carbon-neutral cross-border services in the postal sector. It will also encourage knowledge sharing on emission reduction strategies, climate finance and climate adaptation.

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