Thursday 30 April 2020

UPU helps Grenada boost disaster readiness

30.04.2020 - The Grenada Postal Corporation is implementing a disaster preparedness project thanks to a Universal Postal Union technical assistance programme funded by Japan.

The project aims to enhance the postal networks ability roll out effective response measures during disasters and emergencies through planning, capacity building and equipment donations.
The UPU, in collaboration with the Grenada Postal Corporation, has taken steps to procure the disaster risk management (DRM) equipment through the United Nations Development Programme, including two power generators and automatic switches, one camcorder, two satellite phone kits and ten transistor radios.
Prior to the launching the project in late 2019, the Grenada Postal Corporation had no role within the country’s National Structure for Disaster Management. However, the Post is now included and now serves on the Relief Management Committee. Consequently, initial damage assessment and relief and supplies management were recommended areas for training.
The Grenada Postal Corporation has already concluded a four-day DRM capacity building session as part of the project, which included train-the-trainer training workshops on hazard awareness and disaster risk management, initial damage assessment, relief and supplies management and first aid.
The idea is to have those who participated in the training teach other staff members during the course of 2020. When the project comes to an end, DRM training will continue under the Post’s human resources training programme.

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