Monday 27 April 2020

Malicious / spoof eMails - reg

From: Official Circulations, Department of Posts, GoI
Sent: 27 April 2020 10:29
To: All Active Users
Cc: DoP Email Solution Nodal Officer; IT Security Team, CEPT
Subject: Malicious / spoof eMails - reg

Dear Sir/ Madam ,
It is observed that many users are receiving SPAM/SPOOF emails to their India Post Mail inboxes.

It is requested to:

A] Please remember:

1. India Post never asks for any personal details for any purpose whatsoever.

2. India Post also does not send any mails stating expiry of mail box or eMail ID.

3. India Post does not ask to click on any URL / Link provided in the above mail or anywhere else to rectify / continue the eMail ID.

4. Any loss to the content of the mail (s) or mail box shall be the sole responsibility of the eMail User.

5. In case the link / URL is inadvertently clicked may result into compromising the security of entire DoP Network.

B] Please don’t forget

1.    Checking anti-virus definitions periodically within entire LAN and keeping it update.

2.    Isolating the system (s) from further use and removing it from network If any suspicious / malicious activity is sensed in the account like data / eMail in encrypted form.

3.    Informing your Circle / Region/ Divisional IT Team  through which system, this eMail is accessed outside the sify network along with IP details.

4.    Avoiding use of this account / System (s) until further instructions through your Circle / Region/ Divisional IT Team.

In case of reciept of such spam emails, it is requested to send the email as an attachment to the email Id's -   ;

With Regards,

DoP Email Solution Nodal Officer
CEPT, PTC campus,
Mysuru- 570010

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