Thursday 23 April 2020

23rd April, 2020 : A Bad Day for Central Govt. Employees and Pensioners

Today (23.04.2020)  is a very bad day for the employees community. By freezing the DA for serving employees  and pensioners the government is saving Rs.14,000/- crores  Initially, the PM released Rs. 15,000/- crores to combat Covid -19 we may recall.

The Corporate Giants of  this country discharged their  responsibility in a nominal way at this hour of crisis, by throwing a pittance from their CSR funds (Corporate Social responsibility funds), who in fact have been, clandestinely, taking away a major chunk of  funds from the Annual Budget every year. 

Ratan Tata may be an exception as he was said to have offered his entire property towards the research and relief. 

In every Annual Budget these Ambanis and Adhanis get their lion's share by way of tax concessions and loan waivers running into thousands and lakhs of crores of rupees.

But when it comes to doing sacrifices it's the poor government employees who get scissored either by  rejection of genuine and indisputable demands of PRC like rise of  minimum pay& upward revision of fitment  formula or Honouring hard won  Arbitration Awards

There are wild spread rumors that there will be two days of pay cut every month hereafter till next July for Central Government employees.

Till this moment, the government is not contemplating to withdraw any of the tax concessions(including the recently reduced Corporate Tax which benefited them to the tune of Rs. 1,45,000/-) crores given to the Big Corporates.

It's estimated that approximately Rs. 14,00,000 crores of NPA are there with the Public Sector Banks. The government never trouble these defaulter Corporates to repay their loans and instead pressurise the Banks for further sanction  of loans at cheaper interest rates much below the agricultural loans.

Even then,  we definitely find some innocent employees even though they do not hold  any allegiance to  a particular Political Party   but are only blind supporters of  political personalities. These employees are carried away by the dishonest speeches of the leaders though their policies  and programmes and by Corporate Media which holds 80% stake in this country. 

These sections of employees don't even think for a while that the actions of the government are detrimental to their own interests and hard won rights being snatched away!

Finally, it's time that we get further united and look forward for struggles under umbrella of CCGEW

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