Friday 24 April 2020

Suprava : The name of a Corona Warrior of distinct attitude

Today we are witnessing such a gloomy period that we had never ever before.  While the citizens are abiding the government guidelines by staying at home, a few others are endangering their lives for the sake of serving the society. They are persons working in various government and non government organisations.  

There are few others who are determined to serve the society with the resources and skill they are having with.   

I came across such a personality who is spending her days at home and preparing masks for Postal Staff who are at work.  Till today she has distributed around 500 masks among 10 to 12 Delivery and Non-delivery post offices across Bhubaneswar Postal  Division.  Besides Postal community she has also distributed masks in the nearby slums and to the Municipal workers and their families.  When I talked with her she  informed about her generosity with much hesitation. 

Hats off to her.  She is non other than *Miss Suprava Acharya,  LSG Supervisor, Utkal University MDG, Bhubaneswar 751 004. 

 I appreciate her devotion  and request all of you cheer up her for noble initiative.

With best wishes.

Bishnu Prasad Panda
(Ex-SA, Bhubaneswar Division)
AAO, O/o CCA, DoT, 
Chhattisgarh Circle

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  1. Many many thanks to suprava madam for her noble activity.