Tuesday 14 April 2020

Serving of cooked food to needy people during the lockdown period of COVID-19 by our staff members of Kalahandi Division

Dear Comrades,
Just we came to know that  Com. Soumya Ranjan Naik, SPM Koksara S.O, now O.A cum System Administrator, Kalahandi Division has been serving cooked food to 50 needy people of the locality  daily at Aanlaguda under Koksara  with support of two other staff members and the  local youth club since 09.04.2020.

NFPE, Odisha feels extremely proud for such noble activities of our members which will definitely inspire others to do something better for the needy  members of public especially during this COVID-19 National Pandemic.

On behalf of the entirety of Odisha NFPE family, we sincerely congratulate Com. Naik and his team members.

May God bless all and keep all safe and healthy.

NFPE, Odisha State CoC

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