Monday 16 October 2017

Circle Union writes to Chief PMG on irregular functioning of Aadhar Updation Centres in Post Offices.

No. P3NFPE – Odisha / 10 – 10 / 2017
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 16th October, 2017
Dr. Santosh Ku. Kamila, IPoS
Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar – 751 001

Sub :   Regarding irregular functioning of Aadhar Updation Centres in Post Offices.

Respected Sir,
It has come to the notice of this Circle Union that the Aadhar Updation Centres now functioning in some limited post offices of Odisha Circle are functioning without and SOP / SAP.

As known, a sum of Rs.25/- is being collected from the Card Holder for updation or otherwise. As a practice, this amount is being received by the P A assigned with such duty from every holder opting for updation and the total amount collected as such are being credited under UCR either individually or at a time at the end of the day since it is not possible on the part of the P A to attend the Counter for each and every customer time and again to obtain UCR receipts.

Secondly, no report is being generated in the system as to how many such holders did attend the Centre for the purpose during a day. Thus, there is every possibility of wrong collection (short / excess) and misappropriation of Govt. money in the absence of proper checking / cross-checking through the system software.

Thirdly, the errors in the regional language, here in Odia remain the same without any correction which invites dissatisfaction amongst the card holders. This is happening due to incompatibility of  Odia language to the existing software.

Therefore, this Union would like to request you to kindly circulate the SOP and SAP to all post offices and to suggest  the UIDAI to make suitable changes in the software making it compatible to Odia language and enabling it to generate the required reports to have a cross-check of the amount collected for maintaining every transparency in cash transactions.

Till then, we would like to further request you to stop opening of additional Aadhar Updation Centres in Odisha Circle.

            With regards.
Yours faithfully,

Circle Secretary

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