Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Irregular practice of Dispatching of Personalized and Replaced cards PINs by SOLs

Dear SPOCs,

It is observed that many SOLs are dispatching Personalized and Replaced Personalized  card PINs which are sent by National ATM Unit to the customers addresses instead of handing over them across the counter after verification of the card received by the customer.

It is also seen that  Personalized and Replaced Personalized card requests are being placed by SOLs without updating correct present address leading to non-delivery of Personalized/replaced Personalized cards sent by the vendor directly to the customer.

The procedure for handling Personalized and Replaced Personalized ATM Cards/PINs was already communicated, but still SOLs are not following the procedure as prescribed. Please note and circulate the below steps to all the SOLs to avoid inconvenience to the customers.

1.    Before placing the request, SOL should ensure updation of correct present address and valid Mobile number at CIF level.

2.    After placing of request for Personalized cards and Replaced Personalized cards, the data will be received at NAU for processing.

3.    PINs will be printed at National ATM Unit and card data will be sent to vendor for printing the cards.

4.    Once cards are printed, vendor will dispatch the cards directly to the concerned customer's address which is available at  CIF Level.

5.    PINs will be dispatched to respective SOLs by National ATM Unit and those PINs should be handed over to the customer across the counter, once he visits the PO along with the ATM card received to his address . PINs should NOT be dispatched to the customer's address.

6.    After handing over the PIN to the customer duly authenticated across the counter, first level activation and verification should be done and customer can use the card after 24 hours of successful activation by the SOL.

It is also noticed that many SOLs are returning the Personalized and Replaced Personalized PINs due to insufficient address. But the addressed printed on the PIN mailers are as updated at CIF level and it is the sole responsibility of the respective SOL to contact the concerned customer for updating the complete present address and hand over the PIN across the counter. Please note and instruct all the SOLs that PINs should not be returned to NAU for any reason. Clarifications in this regard if any, may be sought through email.

Thanks & regards,
Incharge Operations, DOP ATM Unit
CBS-CPC, 4th Floor, Bengaluru GPO Building
Toll free - 18004252440

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