Thursday 19 April 2018

UPU facilitates international postal payments

19.04.2018 - Member countries participating in meetings at the UPU headquarters in Berne yesterday signed a multilateral agreement that will facilitate access to those sending international electronic money transfers through the Post.

Cambodia, Cameroon and Morocco signed the agreement during the UPU's Postal Operations Council meeting
The Post, with one of the largest networks in the world comprising more than 670,000 postal outlets worldwide, is an essential point of access for those wishing to send money to even the most remote corners of the globe at low cost.
The agreement will help speed up the opening of payment corridors, reducing the need for bilateral agreements between each of the UPU member countries which are signatories of the Postal Payments Services Agreement. It will have parties exchange payments under the PosTransfer collective trademark and establishes general conditions for areas such as remuneration and expected quality of service standards.
Cambodia, Cameroon and Morocco were present to sign the agreement during the meeting of the UPU’s Postal Operations Council, the body responsible for operational, commercial and technical matters. France, Mauritania and Tunisia had already signed the agreement, while Bangladesh, Iran, Moldova, and Senegal confirmed their intention to sign.

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