Friday 6 April 2018

Practical experience shared by a Master Trainer on IPPB

I have been attending Master Trainer training for IPPB in PTC Madurai from  2nd to 7th April.

Faculties (Rtd. Bank officers ) from NIBF are conducting the sessions.

I would like to share the gist of same from my experience for the past 3 days..

1.The Administrative unit (comprising of Senr/chief/Branch/Area/Territory ) purely from IPPB (Directly recruited & Deputed from DOP) and there will be 750 Hqtrs /branches  (selected HOs) for IPPB

2.The operative work  will be carried out by the officials working in  the 1.55 POs (810 HOs+24,750SOs+1,30,000BOs)

3.For Desktop IPPB operation  (Postal Asst) one exclusive Finacle version is separately prepared

3.For doorstep banking through Delivery staffs  (Postman /GDS MD) a simplified Smart phone APP is available along with finger print scanner and mini printer 

4.All the IPPB transactions(Acc opening /deposit /wdls) are paperless.
NO Account opening form NO passbook 
NO pay in slip 
NO wdl form

5.There will be no ATM card but QR (Quick response )Cards for IPPB acc.

6. Only 2 own products  (Savings  & current accounts ) are served by IPPB but there is no limit for the no  of  3rd party products 

7.At the end of day, the total balance of both the accounts(saving &current ) should not exceed Rs 1,00,000 combinedly

8.The delivery  staffs has to use micro ATMs which is nothing but Smart phone with IPPB app. In the case of postman, the POSTMAN app may be installed in the IPPB smart phone 

9.The amont in IPPB can be used for Bills payments /money remittance /fund transfer to POSB acc& other bank Accs  like NEFT/RTGS/etc  

10.The subsidies  will be credited in the concerned   IPPB acc

11.The DOP has to provide Offfice space,electric point,network and of course  its staff for the 100%operative work for IPPB. 

12.The IPPB  will provide Incentive to both the delivery staff and the DOP but only a mere amt.

13. AADHAAR will be a mandatory document for opening IPPB 

14.There is no provision for messenger as the depositor has to record his finger print impression for each  and every transaction 

15.AML/CFT norms should be strictly followed

16.Most probably there won't much role of supervisor  in IPPB 

17.The Regulating authorities for IPPB  are PBI (DOP) and the RBI..

18.The end user trg for around 5 days per batch may commence from 16th April 

19.Last but not least, ofcourse there is target for both acc opening /transaction 

And to be continued. ...


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