Monday 17 July 2017

General Secretary’s Desk

CHQ: 2151/1, D. G. Bhawan, New Patel Road, New Delhi - 110008

General Secretary’s Desk

Dear Comrade,

We are meeting very shortly at Bangalore from Sixth of August 2017 in the historic All India Conference and before that I desire to share some of the developments for your kind knowledge and consent.

The 31st AIC Reception Committee is making all out efforts to conduct the conference in a grand manner without having any compromise in food and shelter despite great hardships they are facing due to the demonetization and could not secure advertisements as expected in Karnataka Circle as well as from other circles.

Adding fuel to fire, due to introduction of GST, the reception committee is now forced to bear additional burden on lodging and other commodities to the extent of 18 to 28%. The Circle Council held on 14.07.2017 at Bangalore, considering all their hardship requested the General Secretary who attended the meeting in person in one voice to enhance the delegate fees to the extent of Rs.2000/- per delegate due to GST and other financial constrains. They informed that they have no other alternative except to request the Divisional/Branch and Circle Secretaries in this regard.

I have weighed the situation in person and being the metropolitan city and the lodging expenses is too heavy, I feel that there is justification to consider their request. Accordingly I contacted our CHQ President and many Circle Secretaries having more delegates and sought their opinions. They are also in favour to rescue the Reception Committee which is struggling due to GST as well as poor collection due to demonetization.

Accordingly, it is decided to authorize the Reception Committee to enhance the delegate fee as Rs.2000/- per delegate. All the Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to bear the brunt considering the hardship of the Reception Committee. There will be no compromise on food and shelter by the Reception Committee which devote itself to the grand ever success of the AIC. I am firm that all of you will cooperate to this extent.

As a prelude to the All India Conference, the draft Biennial report has been exhibited today in our CHQ website. All are requested to hold special meetings at divisional/branch levels and discuss the report and send appropriate corrections and deletions to the report through the delegates attending.

Further all the Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to send details of delegates and visitors in advance in writing to the 31st AIC Reception Committee so that they will allot lodges. Being a Metropolitan city, rushing at last minute for searching more accommodation than the estimated one is a difficult task. It will lead trouble at the last moment not only to the Reception Committees but also to the delegates reaching late at Bangalore. All Circle Secretaries must furnish the rough estimate of number of participants to the AIC and ensure their participation as the Reception Committee has to pay advances to the lodges for advance booking.

It is brought to our notice that except from very few circles, the Donation/advertisement have not been provided to Reception Committee. The Divisions which could provide help to the AIC, may please offer an advertisement. The Circle Secretaries are requested to keep up their promise, they made in the last CWC held at Raigarh and provide maximum support and help to the Reception Committee.

I am seeking all your cooperation and let us make the All India Conference a grand success.


The CHQ has submitted a detailed letter to the Cadre Review Committee headed by Sri. Charles Lobo, Chief PMG, Karnataka Circle and the copy of the same was exhibited in our CHQ website on 13.07.2017. We are of the firm opinion that LSG should be divisionalised and also one time relaxation in the HSG-II & HSG-I Recruitment Rules should be accorded by the DOPT for filling up of all the upgraded HSG-II & HSG-I posts, till then such posts can be filled up on adhoc basis. We are seeking oral evidence before the committee and assure that we will leave no stone unturned.

VENTURE - 2017

I have decided to update the Venture book and release it in the All India Conference. I have requested Com. K. V. Sridharan, Ex-General Secretary for this job and he is burning the midnight oil over three months to bring the book in two volumes with more updated orders and old items which are all very much required for references. Since last week of June, 2017, he is remaining in the CHQ and assisting the CHQ by all means. Com. R. Sivannarayana, our Ex-CHQ President is also assisting him since 1st of this month. We are planning to release both the volumes in the AIC. If it could not be printed in time, atleast Volume-I will be released and the second will be released informally in the AIC. This is the real Venture of the CHQ and hope everyone will appreciate this Venture. The cost of books will be intimated after the finalization of books.


In the All India Conference, we have proposed to release another book titled as ‘P & T Trade Union History’ compiled by com. V. A. N. Namboodiri, Ex-President BSNL Union narrating the history since the formation of Postal Club upto the period of formation of NFPE. The cost has been fixed as Rs.100/-. It will highlight the NFPTE and its traditional glory which will be very essential to the budding unionists and youngsters to know our history.

23.08.2017 ONE DAY STRIKE

As notified by the NFPE to conduct one day token strike on 23.08.2017 on 10 Charter of Demands, the preparations are going on in all the circles. All the office bearers of our Union shall attend the meetings as scheduled in their respective circles allotted to them and intimate the compliance report. As a prelude to sort out our charter of demands, the GDS Committee file is moving and a committee has been constituted to review the issues crept on implementation of cadre review. Let our Divisional/Branch Secretaries are requested to conduct the programmes as notified by NFPE and make the strike a glorious. Since we were concentrating more on C. G. Employees issues related all along over two years, it is a need to focus our own sectional issues. Let all rise up to the occasion and prepare for the success of one day strike.

Let us meet in the AIC at Bangalore.

Till then, Bye.                                      

With revolutionary greetings.

Comradely yours,

(R. N. Parashar)
General Secretary

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