Wednesday 29 March 2017

Postal JCA (NFPE & FNPO) meets Chief PMG Odisha Circle

 Com. B Samal and Com. M R Sarangi, Circle Secretary, AIPEU, Group-C and NAPE, Group-C, Odisha Circle respectively met Dr. S K Kamila, Chief PMG, Odisha Circle on 28.03.2017 and discussed on the post implementation issues with regard to Cadre Restructuring.

Both Circle Secretaries broadly presented the following issues before the Chief PMG.

1.    No uniformity amongst regions while issuing posting orders to approved LSG officials

2.    Injustice done to Lady & Physically Handicapped employees and union office bearers

3.    Managing unidentified posts like SA/BE/Trainers etc. including the Accountants who have now been promoted to LSG

4.    Filling up of resultant vacancies created due to declination of promotion

5.     Immediate filling up of unfilled identified posts

6.     Irrational postings of senior officials to faraway places and junior officials to nearer places.

7.     Avoidance to austerity measures involving huge expenditure on transfer TA.

Patiently listening to our stand, the Chief PMG replied that there might be some deficiencies while undertaking such a huge task. Since employees know him as a pro-staff officer, individual cases, if represented will be considered within the parameters of the rules. He will give a direction to the DPS (HQ) and AD (Staff) in this regard.

The Chief PMG categorically told that one month time has been given to individual employees to take a decision. Now the ball is at their court. After one month the situation will be assessed once again and further course of action will be taken. Action will also be taken to fill up the vacant posts to be created in some Divisions from where surplus LSG officials have been transferred to other divisions  by considering Rule-38 transfer cases pending at C O level.

Circle Office will also take a decision soon to fill up the posts of S As, B Es etc who are now promoted to LSG and posted in different SOs.

The Asst. Director (Staff) also participated in the discussion.

Circle Secretary

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