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Conduct of Limited Department Competitive Examination for LGOs for promotion to the cadre of PA/SA from Postman/Mail Guard and MTS cadres. in Odisha Circle


F. No. RE/30-23/2017/LGO (APS) Dated 27.03.2017
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
Office of Chief Postmaster General
 Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar - 751001

Sub:    Conduct of Limited Department Competitive Examination for LGOs for promotion to the cadre of PA/SA from Postman/Mail Guard and MTS cadres.

               Applications in the prescribed format (Annexure-1) are invited from the willing male applicants for Limited Department Competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of PA/SA from Postman/Mail Guard, Despatch Rider and MTS cadres to serve in Army Postal Service as ‘Warrant Officers’. Declaration to serve in APS must also be enclosed with the Application form by the Applicants in Annexure-2.

2.  Number of vacancies = 09 Nos


3.         Eligibility Criteria:-

(a)   Service eligibility:

·         Postman/Mail Guard of concerned Division/Unit with three years of regular service in the Grade.
·         Despatch Rider of concerned Division/Unit with five years of regular service in the Grade including any regular service put in the erstwhile Group ‘D’ post on regular basis.
·         MTS of concerned Division/Unit with five years of regular service in the Grade including any regular service put in the erstwhile Group ‘D’ post on regular basis.

Crucial date of service eligibility: 01st January, 2017

(b) Age: The Maximum age limit is 40 years on the date of enrollment in APS as ‘Warrant Officer”.
(c) Minimum Physical Standards:

(i)  Height: 157 cms. (For applicants from Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Hill region of West Bengal, the minimum height is 152 cms.)
            (ii) Weight: 50 Kgs.
            (iii) Chest: 77 cms. (82 cms. When expanded)

4. Pay Matrix level:

As per 6th CPC, Pre-revised Basic Pay Rs. 7510 + Grade Pay Rs. 2400 and as per the 7th CPC, Level 4 (Rs. 25500-56800), which in APS is considered in Level 5 (Rs. 29200 -64700). The deputationists have the option to choose either the Civil Pay or Military Pay whichever is beneficial to them.

5. Facilities available to the Warrant Officers in the APS:

 (a) Warrant Officers are treated at par with JCOs for accommodation, messing and travel entitlements through specific Government orders.

(b) Parchment Warrant is issued by the President of India.

(c) Special Compensatory Allowances while serving in Field/Modified Field and Concessional Areas as admissible to Regular Army Personnel.

(d) Ration allowance when living with family.

(e) Free boarding and lodging for those officials who are living in single.

(f) Accommodation allowance (CILQ) (A1 city) for married personnel who have not been provided with Govt. married accommodation.

(g) Accommodation Allowance (CILQ) for married personnel who are staying single at the duty station and their family is staying in other towns.

(h) Family accommodation Allowance (FAA)

(j) Leave

(i) 56 days Annual Leave at home plus journey period subject to minimum of 60 days Annual Leave per year.

(ii) 30 days Casual Leave per year.

(iii) Unlimited sick leave on recommendation of Medical Authorities over and above the Leave mentioned above.

(iv) Civil Leave account will be frozen during the period of deputation in APS. However, Leave accumulated at APS plus balance of Civil EL will be encashed subject to maximum of 300 days at the time of retirement.

(v) 10 days Leave encashment alongwith LTC per year is also available in APS over and above 300 days Leave accumulation, Maximum Leave encashment is 60 days.

(k) Travel Concession

(i) Free conveyance (LTC) every year for self and dependent family members to visit home town from duty station in the entitled class.

(ii) One additional free conveyance (LTC) in year for self to visit hometown/selected place of Residence (SPR) from field station if not stayed with family.

(iii) Unlimited 50% concession voucher to visit anywhere in India from either duty station or home town for self and family members in entitled class.

(iv) Free conveyance to the dependent family members to join head of family (self) at duty station first time & also on subsequent postings.

(l) Accommodation

(i) Free single accommodation for individuals at duty station.

(ii) Free furnished accommodation with free conservancy and water and electricity (100 units) at family stations for married personnel who are staying at Government married accommodation.

(iii) P & T accommodation can be retained/allotted while on deputation to APS.

(iv) When no married accommodation is available, the individuals can keep their family at Selected Place of Residence (SPR)/home town and claim CILQ as applicable, Families can be shifted to separate family accommodation (SF Accn) which is available in peace stations.

(v) Free conveyance of personal effects while on posting with maximum limit is 6000 Kgs.

(m) Insurance

(i) Rs 37.50 lakhs insurance coverage for JCO/WOs from Army Group Insurance (AGI)
on prescribed monthly premium.

(ii) Advance for purchase of House, Computer and Two wheeler from AGI Fund.

(iii) 50% balance at credit can be drawn from AGI Fund for higher Education /marriage of children.

(iv) Amount accumulated in AGI Saving Fund will be refunded to the Officials on their repatriation to their parent Units/Divisions.

(n) Canteen Facilities

(i) All types of fast moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) on concessional rates.

(ii) Two/Four wheelers on concessional rates.

(iii) Electronic items on concessional rates.

(iv) Liquor on concessional rates as per entitlement.
(v) After repatriation, Canteen facility with liquor is available if the official served in APS for 5 years and more.

(o) Medical Facilities: Free medical treatments for self and dependent family members in renowned Army/Air Force/Navy Hospitals available throughout India.

(p) Other facilities

(i) Scholarships are available for children of personnel from APS Corps Regimental Fund and from Army (ESSA).

(ii) Grant to wives for encashment of their academic qualification.

(iii) Grant to Personnel for enhancement of their academic qualification while on deputation to APS
6.         Syllabus & Pattern of Examination: - The pattern and syllabus for the said Examination is as under:-

General English/Hindi & Grammar, Arithmetic and Tabulation
( Difficulty level: 10th  standard )

For Postal Assistants:
Knowledge of Postal/Mail Office operations with reference to Post Office Guides
For Sorting Assistants:
Part-B: Postal Manual Volume VII
50 MCQs in each paper. Each Paper carries 100 marks. (each question carries 02 marks)
Duration of each paper is one hour.

Qualifying marks:
40% marks in each paper for UR and 33% marks in each paper for SC/ST

7.         Venues for conducting the Examination: The Examination will be conducted at all Circle Headquarters only. The candidates will have to appear from the respective centres of their Circle only and under no circumstances, they be permitted to appear from other Circle Centres. For newly created Telangana Circle, the Centre will be ‘Hyderabad’ and for Andhra Pradesh Circle, it will be ‘Vijayawada’.
Applicants serving in APS on deputation will also appear from the examination centres of their parent Civil Circles. The APS authorities will send the Applications of the Applicants working in APS to the concerned Officer of the Division/Unit with their recommendations. 

8.  Schedule of activities for the Examination: -

Date of Exam
Paper Nos.
14th  May, 2017 (Sunday)
10:00 am to   11:00  am 
14th  May, 2017 (Sunday)
11:30 am to   12:30  pm

The schedule of other activities for the above said Examination is furnished below:-

S. No.
Proposed Date (Schedule)
Date of notification
Receipt of duly filled in Application forms at Recruiting Divisions/Unit from applicants
Receipt of duly filled in Application forms at RO from Recruiting Divisions/Unit duly recommended.
Last date for receipt of duly filled in Annexure III at Circle Offices from ROs duly recommended.
Last date by which Circles will issue Hall Permit by to eligible candidates
Date of Examination
14th  May, 2017 (Sunday)

9. Method of selection:
(a)        The selected candidates will be given Provisional appointment order and sent to nearest Branch Recruiting office (BRO)/ (ARO) for physical and medical checkup.
(b)        Candidates found physically fit by the BRO/ARO will be considered for appointment and further deputation to Army Postal Service as per their seniority in merit list. Candidates who are not found physically and medically fit by BRO/ARO will have no right to claim any appointment either in Civil or in APS, even if they are in merit list. They will not be appointed and will be sent back to their Division/Recruiting Unit to continue on their original/earlier posts.

(c)        Candidates declared physically & medically fit by BRO/ARO will be given appointment order by the Appointing Authority.
10. Terms and conditions:-
(a)                The selected candidates will have to serve in Army Postal Service as long as their services are required by APS upto the maximum age limit fixed by the Government from time to time. Repatriation to Civil appointment can be done only after completion of minimum 10 years mandatory service in APS with consent of both parties viz. Civil appointing authorities and Army Postal Service subject to availability of related category vacancy in the Division/Recruiting Unit.

(b)               The selected candidates will undergo Basic Recruitment Training at APS Centre, Kamptee for a period of six months. The appointment is subject to successful completion of training.  If a candidate is found to be unlikely to become an efficient soldier his training will be terminated and appointment order issued to the candidate will be treated as cancelled.

(S.C. Sahoo)
Asst. Director (RE)
For Chief PMG, Odisha Circle
Bhubaneswar -751001

Application Form
Name of the applicant

Community (UR/SC/ST)


Physical Standards
Height in cms.

Weight in Kgs.

Chest in cms.

Name and address of the office in  which working

Name of the Division/Recruiting Unit

Name of the Region/Circle

Date of Birth            

Age in years as on 01.01.2017          
(Max. age on the date of enrollment in APS should not be more than 40 years)

Whether Postman/MG or Despatch Rider  or MTS

Date of entry in the Department

Length of regular service as on 01.01.2017 in (YY MM DD) in the cadre (including any regular service rendered in Group ‘D’ cadre in case of Despatch Rider and MTS cadres)

Whether ‘APS’ candidate or ‘Non APS’

Language in which the applicant wishes to take the exam (English/Hindi)    

I ________________________________________________hereby declare that the particulars filled by me in the form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand   clearly that if any information furnished by me is found false at a later stage, I am liable to be punished and my appointment will be terminated.
Date:                                                                                            (Signature of the applicant)
i)                    Certified that I have verified all the entries above with reference to the service book of the official and found correct.
ii)          I recommend/do not recommend the application for the following reasons. 
Signature of Divisional Head/
Recruiting Unit.                                                                                                        with designation

I, (Name)                                                                                                         S/o                                                                                                                               resident of Village:                                                                             PO:                                                Teh:                                                                             Dist:                                                    PIN:                                        , on being considered my case by ________________________________(Appointing Authority of ______________Division/Unit)  for appointment in the cadre of Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant against exclusive recruitment to serve in Army Postal Service, as ‘Warrant Officer’ declare that, if selected:-
(a)        I will serve in the APS for as long as my services are required by the APS.
(b)        I will abide by Army Act/Army Rules during my service in Army Postal     Service.
(c)        I understand that if I seek premature reversion from APS, I will not have any         right of appointment in the Civil Division/Unit.
(d)       I will undergo medical and other tests to be held by Branch Recruitment Office/Army Recruitment Office. I understand      that my appointment is subject to fulfillment of the prescribed physical standards.
(e)        I understand that if I am found unfit in medical examination by BRO, I will not    have any right to claim appointment in the Civil Division/Unit.
(f)        I understand that during military training, if I am found to be “Unlikely to             become an efficient Soldier” my training will be terminated and my appointment in       Civil will be treated as cancelled.

                       Signature of candidate

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