Monday 23 March 2020

Leadership of NFPE Odisha State CoC discussed with the Chief PMG on the activities of Circle / Divisional administration in connection with COVID-19

Dear Comrades,
As aware, Sj. Subash Chandra Barmma, joined today as Chief PMG, Odisha Circle against the vacant post. A team of NFPE leader headed by Com. B Samal, Chairman, NFPE, Odisha State CoC and Circle Secretary, P-III accompanied by Com. Ashok Kumar Mohanty, Circle Secretary, R-IV, Com. Dipti Ranjan Mohanty, Asst. Circle Secretary, P-III, Com. Fanibhushan Tripathy, Divisional Secretary, R-III, RMS ‘N’ Division Cuttack and Com. Harmohan Dash, Divisional Secretary, P-IV, Bhubaneswar Division met the newly joined Chief PMG and greeted him.

The NFPE leadership, Odisha thanked the Chief PMG for releasing an important order on the first day of his joining in Odisha Circle to suspend all ‘C’ and ‘B’ Class post offices and to keep the other offices in skeletal mode with less than 50% staff members.

During the course of discussion, we pointed out the deficiencies noticed in the C O order.

1.    The B Os, which had been ordered initially to be closed, were subsequently ordered to be kept open. This will affect the work of the concerned Account offices when opened on restoration of normalcy. The SPMs will be over burdened which will be a punishment to him after normalcy.

2.    No instruction is seen to be issued in favour of the officials of the post offices  ordered to be closed which has created  strong resentment amongst the staff members of other offices ordered to remain functional. The order is not impartial.

3.    No instructions are seen to be issued for MPCM and S B transactions. When Railways, Road transports etc have been completely suspended, booking of articles and depositing in the offices without transmission will certainly invite public complaints.

4.    No post office has yet been supplied with the hygienic materials  like mask, gloves, sanitizer, hand wash etc nor they have been ordered to purchase in any manner except one/two divisions.

5.    During the lockdown period in Odisha, the police is not allowing the officials to go ahead without proper identity cards and as declared today (23.03.2020), police permission is must to move anywhere in any manner. As a result, our employees may find it difficult to attend office from 24.03.2020. In such a situation, it may not be possible to keep  the bigger offices in skeletal mode since the official who is ordered today may fail to attend tomorrow.

As such, above all we suggested for complete lockdown of all post offices in Odisha Circle.

After giving a patient hearing, the Chief P M G told that there would be a V C on 24.03.2020 and everything we raised will be put on record before the Directorate and action will be taken as decided.

We hope, the position will be clear in  tomorrow’s VC and the employees may get .

NFPE Odisha State CoC

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