Thursday 26 March 2020

Appeal to all Divisional Secretaries

Dear Divisional Secretaries,
You might have gone through the instructions contained in the Circle Office letter No. DOP/Odisha/COVID-19/2020, dated 26.03.2020  issued in pursuance to  Directorate letter No.Z-92011/25/2020/Coord/O&M, dated 26.03.2020 after discussion in between the Secretary (Posts) and with  Secretary General, NFPE and others.

While the Directorate has tactfully avoided the issue of opening of all HOs, Delivery POs and BOs already ordered vide its letter dated 25.03.2020, the Circle Office got a scope to order again opening of all post offices except NDSOs by opening of minimum counter(s) deploying minimum staff. Under the circumstances, you can well imagine how it will be helpful to all single and double-handed delivery POs.

In addition, now Circle Office in this fresh order has thrown some responsibilities to the Divisional head which were not there in the earlier orders as follows.

i.    To utilize the staff members of NDTSO in the nearby offices.

ii.  To coordinate with local authorities and to arrange smooth functioning of the offices.

As understood, this may be for arranging curfew pass contacting the local police, transportation arrangement to the staff for coming to office and returning to home keeping in contact with the local transport authority and ensuring regular sanitization of the post office contacting the local municipal authority.

iii.   To provide sanitizer, soap, mask, gloves etc. to the staff on duty.

iv.  To ensure periodical cleanliness and sanitation in post offices.

Therefore, please write to your Divisional Head and discuss to implement the above instructions of the Circle Office in letter and spirit.

Circle Secretary

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