Wednesday 25 March 2020

Circle Secretary meets Chief PMG Odisha on 25.03.2020

Dear Comrades,
In spite of every strictness of the police during this lockdown period in the capital city of Bhubaneswar, we could manage to have one – to - one discussion with the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle today in his chamber on the issues already communicated to him through our various letters including our demand for complete closure of post offices till restoration of normalcy to contain the spread of COVID-19.

The Chief PMG giving a patient hearing politely disagreed to our above demand citing the latest orders from the Directorate in which the Department of Posts has been categorized as an essential service Department. Whatever order has been issued especially for closure of Post Offices may be treated as final. However, he agreed to our proposal to bring some relaxation for the staff members of the Post Offices which are operational during this period of national crisis.

Dear Comrades! As you are witnessing, we are writing almost regularly, discussing both over telephone and in person with the higher authorities including the Chief Postmaster General and trying to bring some positive result for our staff members. You need to understand that we have several limitations and compulsions. We do understand that the decisions taken by the Circle Office are not appreciable by many. We do notice several arguments, counter arguments, criticisms and also receiving telephone calls from many staff members with irritating attitude especially on complete closure of all Post Offices by the Circle. Yes, we do welcome all constructive suggestions and criticisms to act smarter and better. But, some staff members are always seen criticizing the Department. How can one be so irresponsible? How can they forget that they have no existence without the Department? Really, we are extremely sorry for these people.

In this context, we should make this clear that Circle Office is acting on the guidelines / instructions issued by the DoPT, Ministry of Health, State Governments and our Directorate which do not permit for complete closure of Post Offices. We are always in touch with all group officers of Circle Office including Chief PMG and DPS and also receiving positive responses most of the time. As you know, in spite of NFPE’s demand before the Secretary (Posts) for complete closure, no action has yet been taken. The Govt. of Odisha has also enlisted Department of Post as an essential service Department. You might have gone through our letter written to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha to appraise the Prime Minister of India for complete closure of Post Offices. But a message was received by us that CMO office will not take any action on our letter since Department of Posts comes under an essential service Department. What more can be done!

As such, during this critical situation of our country, we people who have got the opportunity to serve the people and the nation should feel fortunate. We know, hearing this some people may frown and groan. But we have to go by reality. We are trying our best and will keep trying. The result is clear to you all.

Our request is to go by the instructions of the Circle / Divisional Head adopting the preventive measures circulated in different modes to contain spread of COVID-19.

Pray for all of you before Lord Jagannath to keep you all hale and hearty.

Stay healthy and allow others to remain healthy.


= Bruhaspati Samal =
Circle Secretary

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