Saturday 21 March 2020


Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a high-level meeting to review the ongoing efforts to contain COVID-19 and also discussed ways to further strengthen India’s preparedness. He emphasised on actively engaging with individuals, local communities and organizations in chalking out mechanisms to fight the COVID-19.

He also urged officials and technical experts to deliberate on the steps to be taken next.

Here are the live updates:

* To deal with the economic impact of coronavirus, a task force led by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been formed: PM Modi

* Postpone elective surgeries by a month, avoid routine check-ups to ease pressure on health services: PM Modi

* I request you to avoid visiting hospitals for routine check ups. If you have appointment for any non-essential surgery, please postpone  for one month. We should keep in mind that pressure should not come on hospitals: Prime Minister Narendra Modi  

* If possible, please call at least 10 people every day and tell them about the 'Janta Curfew' as well as the measures to prevent coronavirus: PM Modi

* Our efforts on 22 March, our self-restraint, will show our determination to perform duty in the national interest. The success of Janata Curfew on March 22, its experiences will also prepare us for the challenges to come: PM Modi

* *I appeal all countrymen to follow public curfew this Sunday on March 22, from 7 am to 9 pm, all the countrymen:* PM Modi

* I am also seeking support from every countryman today for public curfew. Janata curfew means curfew imposed for the public, curfew imposed by public upon themselves: PM Modi

* Senior citizens in our family who is above 65 years of age should not leave the house for the next few weeks: PM Modi

* I urge all the countrymen that for the next few weeks, get out of your house only when it is very important: PM Modi

* Avoid the crowd, avoid getting out of the house. Social Distancing is very important to fight coronavirus: PM Modi 

* No vaccine has been found for coronavirus, in such a situation, precaution is only solution: PM Modi

* I have come to ask for something again. I want your coming few weeks: PM Modi 

* Whenever I have asked for something, you have never disappointed me. This is the strength of your blessings that our efforts succeed: PM Modi

* Resolution and restraint is very important in combat against this global epidemic. As citizens, people need to strengthen their resolve to follow the advisories issues by state and central governments to fight coronavirus: PM Modi

* Govt of India is keeping a close watch on the track record of the spread of coronavirus: Modi

* Till l now science has not been able to find a proper remedy for coronavirus and no vaccine has been developed yet. In such a situation, it is natural to worry: Modi

* For the last few days, it looks like if we are safe from coronavirus. This belief is not right. Hence, it is very important for every Indian to remain aware and alert: PM Modi

*In these two months, 130 crore citizens have vigorously fought the Corona global epidemic, taking necessary precautions. But for the last few days, it also looks like we are left with a crisis, everything is fine: PM Modi

* Generally, whenever a natural crisis comes, it is limited to a few countries or states. But this time this crisis is such that has put the entire human race in crisis around the world: PM 

* My dear countrymen, the whole world is going through a very serious phase of crisis at this time: PM Modi

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