Thursday 3 October 2019

Provision of more than one Supervisor in CBS Finacle in HOs and SOs in Odisha

Dear Comrades, 
As you know, for last few months, we have been demanding for providing 2nd Supervisor Id to all the LSG Supervisors created under Cadre Restructuring Proposal in 35 MDGs of Odisha treating them equally as the Assistant Postmaster of HO/GPO. We have severally written and discussed in bimonthly and four monthly meetings also. Lastly we had also discussed with Hon'ble Member (P) during his visit to Bhubaneswar GPO on 28.09.2019 submitting a memorandum which contains , inter alia this demand. Member(P) had assured this Circle Secretary to do something after discussion with FS Division of the Directorate.

And now the result has come. Our Circle Office has agreed to our demand. Now all the LSG Posts created in 35 MDGs in Odisha Circle under the Cadre Restructuring Proposal will be treated as Supervisor with provision of 2nd Supervisor Id.

This will not only facilitate prompt and effective service delivery to the members of public by the MDGs but will reduce the workload of the HOs/GPOs to great extent.

Circle Secretary

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