Monday 14 October 2019


Respected Sir/Madam,

I am directed to convey the following

This is regarding the validations which have been deployed in Finacle as part of GL INTEGRATION PAN INDIA ROLLOUT dated 16/10/2019.

1. Sol Transfer Menu - HACXFSOL

BO code is not removed while transferring accounts from BO to another SOL. BO Code linked to customer account is validated during SOL transfer. Account can be transferred only if BO code in the account is linked to target SOL.

2. RICT device level validations

BO Code linked to Credit/Debit account should belong to Credit/Debit Account SOL

Following are the scenarios in which error message "Customer account does not belong to this SOL" will be shown in RICT Device, post deployment of above patch.

1. Customer account is available in RICT-Device; but the account has been transferred to a different SOL from the BO's account office.

2. Customer account is available in RICT-Device; but the device / BO has been transferred to a different SOL due to administrative reasons without transferring the customer accounts to the relevant SOL.

In the above cases, customer account has to be transferred to the relevant SOL. HACXFSOL menu will validate whether the BO linked to the account is available in the target SOL and then only allow the transfer. 

Another validation is introduced to check whether the BOCash account and BOCash-New account are available at the same SOL as the customer account; if there are any mismatches in BO Office Account configuration either of these messages will be displayed in the device - “Mismatch in Office Account SOLID & BOCode mapping” or “Mismatch in Office Account & BOCode mapping”. In this case, CPC can report the issue to CEPT  after checking the customer account 's SOLID and the SOLID of affected BO's cash account & cash-new account. All the discrepancies in office accounts related to RICT noticed so far, are cleared  and hence this error should not occur in production unless devices are transferred in RSI/RICT without necessary configuration changes in Finacle.

It is requested to kindly forward the above validations to all Post offices immediately.

Please revert in case of any clarifications on the above.

This has the approval of DDG FS sir.

Thanks and Regards

Gopinath S

Inspector Posts

Data Migration Command Centre(CBS)

Chennai 600 002


As CBS CSI GL integration is scheduled on 16.10.19, Following points to be focused,

1. As Finacle figures are reflecting directly, POs should avoid voucher posting from 16.10.19.

2.Do not place any cheque liability from 13.10.19

3. HO should clear all pending cheque liability before 15.10.19

4.Darpan CBS transactions will also reflect directly to Concern BO daily account, so voucher posting should be avoided for BO transactions also.

5.All SOs should ask all the BOs under their jurisdiction to work only on DARPAN device as far as possible. 

6.PLI /RPLI transactions should be uploaded through voucher posting or utility tool as currently doing.

7.process of cheque liability will be changed after integration. SOP will be shared shortly.

8.Daily account will generate on next day only. After successful DC Closure only CBS transactions will reflect on Daily Account. 

9.POs should tally only DOP cash on same day. POS cash will be tallied on next after reflecting figures in Daily Account.

10.ATM cash deposit should be done through CTM menu only after integration. 
SAP entry is not required for ATM deposit transaction.

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