Friday 4 October 2019

Circle Union writes to NFPE against the arbitrary order to open the post offices on the 2nd holiday in case of 3 consecutive holidays

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/019 - 10/2019
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 4th October, 2019
Com. R N Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE
North Avenue PO Building
New Delhi – 110 001

Sub:-Arbitrary order to open the post offices on the 2nd holiday in case of 3 consecutive holidays - Protest against discrimination to postal operative staff.

Respected Comrade,
          As aware, the postal operative staff members in the Department are grossly discriminated in various ways as follows so far as availing Sundays / Holidays is concerned.

1.   They are deprived of availing 5 working days in a week. The Govt. is showing no interest in responding to this long pending demand of the Staff Side.

2.   The Sundays and holidays are also being snatched away in a regular manner in the name of workshop, training, mela etc. Neither the Divisional Heads nor the Circle Heads are caring for the Directorate’s instructions in this regard not to organize workshop / training / mela  etc. on Sundays / Holidays. The social life of these members has been a hell.

3.   The most unfortunate thing is that during festive occasions when an opportunity hardly comes once or twice in a year to avail 3 consecutive holidays, that is also being snatched away in the name of streamlining mail delivery.

4.   As known, out of 17 holidays meant for Central Govt. employees, while 14 holidays including 3 National Holidays are to be compulsorily observed, three remaining holidays may be chosen either by the Central Govt. Welfare Coordination Committee (CGWCC) where it exists or by the Head of the Office in consultation with the employees’ representatives and notify the same after getting prior approval of DoPT. But it is witnessed that the local CGWCC is declaring tactfully these three holidays just before or after Saturday and Sunday so that they can avail 3/4/5 consecutive holidays in addition to regular 5 working days in a week.  

Nobody is caring for the basic needs of the operative staff members. As if, these operative staff are burn to suffer. These are nothing but sheer injustice and steep discrimination to the postal operative staff members which needs to be squarely protested.

In this regard, it may also be brought to your notice that the compensation given to the staff members who are brought on duty on Sundays / Holidays in accordance with the provisions contained in Directorate’s letter No. 10-7/2001-PE.II, dated 14.08.2015 is too meagre. (Postman/Sorting Postman Rs.282/- per day, MTS @ Rs.29/- per hour up to maximum 3 hours, PA @ Rs.41/- per hour up to maximum 3 hours and Supervisor @ Rs.47/- per hour  up to maximum 3 hours) ,

          Therefore, it is our sincere appeal to you for appraising the appropriate authorities to do the needful as follows.

i.             Arrange to take up the matter with DoPT to direct the CGWCCs all over India to choose the 3 holidays taking into consideration the need of the postal operative staff.

ii.            Appraise the Directorate suitably to withdraw the standing instruction of opening of the post offices on the 2nd holiday in case of 3 consecutive holidays.

iii.           Appraise the Directorate once again to direct all Circle Heads to stop arranging workshop / training / mela  etc. on Sundays / Holidays in true spirit.

With regards.
Comradely yours,
(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary

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  1. A very strong and barely needed demand by the beloved secretary of nfpe Odisha to mitigate the sufferings and injustice to the group c employees of our department of all India.Red salute to the fighting spirit of sec