Friday 16 August 2019

UPU News : President of Costa Rica calls for postal reforms

15.08.2019 - The postal industry should take advantage of changing technology and customer needs to innovate and offer services that enhance the Post’s contribution to the socio-economic development of countries, said the President of the Republic of Costa Rica, Mr Carlos Alvarado Quesada.

The President, who was meeting a UPU International Bureau delegation led by Director General Bishar A. Hussein, said the Post in Costa Rica has been positioned as a crucial network to deliver government services to all citizens in every part of the country.
He said wide-ranging reforms in the postal industry would be necessary in order for it to meet customer expectations. Most of these changes should be driven by modern technologies that offer avenues for the Post to develop new products and services
“In Costa Rica, small entrepreneurs are listing with the Post to sell their products through its electronic marketplace platform,” the President said.
He said some of the other reforms that Correos de Costa Rica has made include the introduction of electric motorcycles and motor vehicles to reduce both  environmental pollution as well as operational costs for the organization.
The International Bureau team is in Costa Rica for the Regional Strategy Forum for the Americas.
Mr Hussein urged Costa Rica and the rest of the region to support the new draft Abidjan World Postal Strategy that will make strides in introducing significant reforms in the Union and the postal business.
He also called on the region to consider attending the forthcoming Extraordinary Congress in September to help decide on the proposed remuneration system for the Union.

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