Tuesday 27 August 2019

Turkish Post’s Post Café brings new look to post offices with traditional hospitality

22.08.2019 - Turkish Post has launched Post Café, an innovation that is part of the operator’s new post office concept and an important step in its modernization process.

The initiative is aimed at improving customer satisfaction.
In recent years, Turkish Post has been updating its products and services according to modern requirements in order to enhance the value of its brand and to strengthen its position in the market. It developed the idea of a Post Café after carrying out customer feedback studies.
To start, the operator has planned to inaugurate Post Cafés in major post offices with high customer traffic and wider product and service offerings. The first branch of the Post Café was established in 2017 at one of its major post offices in Bursa. The operator has since expanded the project, opening a Post Café at the Gazi University campus in Ankara in September 2018.
“As Turkish Post, we will continue to be present in every service area that will facilitate the lives of young people,” said Kenan Bozgeyik, Director General of Turkish Post, on the second café’s inauguration.
Bozgeyik also stated that as a local and national organization, Turkish Post aims to provide favourable services to students. He added, “We will continue offering our letter mail, parcel, banking, and mobile services in much more convenient ways.”
It is expected that Post Cafés will soon appear on all university campuses across Turkey, offering visitors a pleasant environment to socialize. Now, waiting in line at such a post office, customers can enjoy its welcoming atmosphere, giving the traditional post office a new look that promotes the well-known warm spirit of Turkish hospitality.
Turkish Post has carried out a number of other interesting social projects, which have enhanced the operator’s role in the international community. For example, in 2018 and 2019, it donated 40 motorcycles and accessories to several other postal operators in order to help them improve the quality of mail deliveries and to develop cooperation.
Under the charity project “Don’t Throw Away,” which was launched in 2017 in cooperation with philanthropist Muammer Kavazoglu, Turkish Post has been delivering parcels with repaired and renewed toys to hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centers, and other social institutions all across Turkey completely free of charge. Some 3,500 toys have been already delivered and the operator’s goal is to reach out to 1 million children in need.

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