Friday 31 August 2018

UPU’s Second Extraordinary Congress to act as catalyst for international postal network

30.08.2018 - “The goal of this Extraordinary Congress, only the second in UPU’s 144-year history, is to ensure that UPU is fit for the purpose of spurring sustained development across the international postal network,” said UPU Director General Bishar A. Hussein.

Mr. Hussein’s comments came ahead of the opening of the Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) Second Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Monday 3 September.
The UPU Director General added the Congress would unite the postal sector and marked the starting point for even closer cooperation among the sector employing 5 million people.
The alliance, Mr. Hussein added, was essential to overcome the industry’s challenges, while seizing on new opportunities in the areas of digitalization, technology and e-commerce.
Some two billion people, at present, are outside the world’s financial systems and UPU has been a leading international voice in pointing out that the postal sector, with its 670,000 outlets, could play a vital role in offering financial services to millions of people around the world.
In a July speech at the CPU Postal Financial Services Symposium in Saint Lucia, Mr. Hussein said, “Financial inclusion in rural areas is also a priority. With more than 85 percent of citizens excluded from banking services in some countries… Posts can increase their revenue by developing modern financial services.”
The Congress opens with a high-level ceremony attended by the President of Ethiopia Mulatu Teshome, the Ethiopian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Ubah Mohamed Hussienthe Director General of UPU Bishar A. Hussein, and the Deputy Director General of UPU Pascal Clivaz, among others.
Prior to the high level speakers, a short documentary film on UPU’s achievements since the 2016 Istanbul Conference will be shown followed by a cultural music event from the Hager Fikir Theatre, Africa’s oldest indigenous theatre.
During the plenary sessions, UPU’s member countries will discuss UPU reform, including reform of the system applied to contributions by UPU member countries.
Member countries will also discuss an integrated product plan, as well an integrated remuneration plan, for the delivery of postal items through the international postal network.  
On the margins of the Congress, from 6-7 September, UPU will hold a Ministerial Strategy Conference titled, “Gearing up the postal sector to drive socio-economic development”. The conference is designed to encourage discussions on the best policies, investments, regulations and partnerships to unleash the Post’s service delivery and profitability potential.
Nearly 1,000 participants are expected to attend the UPU’s Second Extraordinary Congress, which is generously hosted by the Ethiopian government and the Ethiopian Postal Service.

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