Monday 27 August 2018

Earnest appeal in the aid of Kerala flood havoc

Dear Comrades, 
The details of Donations received so far by  the Circle Union for Kelara Victims are as follows:

1.AIPEU, Gr. C Sundergarh Division - Rs.23300/-
2. AIPEU, Gr. C Bhubaneswar Division - Rs.5000/-
3. AIPEU, Gr. C Bolangir Division - Rs.3500/-
4. AIPEU, Gr. C Dhenkanal Division - Rs.3020/-
5. AIPEU, Gr. C Cuttack City  Division - Rs.2000/-
6. AIPEU, Gr. C Cuttack North Division - Rs.2000/-
7. AIPEU, Gr. C  Odisha Circle - Rs.20000/-
8.AIPPCCCWF, Bhubaneswar - Rs. 5000/- 
9.AIPEU, Gr. C Mayurbhanj Division - Rs.2000/-
10. AIPEU, Gr. C Phulabani Division - Rs.55604/-
11. Avarani Pradhan, PA, College Sqr. MDG -Rs.500/-

As such, till now we have been able to accumulate a sum of Rs. 121924/-

Other Divisions of AIPEU, Group- C, Odisha Circle and NFPE affiliated unions are yet to respond.

 We sincerely appeal all kindly to respond immediately so that total amount can be transferred to Kerala CM's relief fund as soon as possible on behalf of NFPE, Odisha.

It is proposed to transfer  the amount by Wednesday (29.08.2018).

Sincere request kindly to respond.

= B. SAMAL =
Circle Secretary


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