Wednesday 29 August 2018

Discussion in the four-monthly meeting with Chief PMG, Odisha : Untold sufferings of public / staff members for improper functioning of CSI

Dear Comrades, 

Today, (29.08.2018), we had an item for discussion in the four-monthly meeting with Chief PMG, Odisha regarding untold sufferings of public / staff members for improper functioning of CSI.

Our item was represented as follows.

We all have experienced that during the entire month of June and July-2018, both the staff members in particular and the members of public in general are forced to suffer due to non-functioning / improper functioning of CSI software including CIS in post offices. Though we have detailed the issues vide our letter P3NFPE-Odisha/03 - 06/2018, dated 27.06.2018, it is highly regretted that neither the our letter was acknowledged nor any development was noticed.

Presently the SAP / PO Back Office login has failed seriously. Treasury and Delivery works are grossly affected. Cash Release / Receipt from / to SOs are not being successful in SAP. Several Hours are consumed to draw a single cheque.  Bag Opening / Closing, Postmen beat out, MO Printing, return from Postmen, dispatches of bags are seriously affected. The TCB and Daily Account figures are remaining mismatched regularly. Articles / M Os booked are not being traced and tracked. Raising of tickets before Service Desk is remaining unsuccessful always.

Contradictorily, the Support Team message which is now viral in different social media reads as follows.

“Dear User, We are also facing same SAP slowness issues every day. Sometimes, even we cannot log for hours……… So to resolve this issue kindly as DOP to use something else other than SAP since SAP is not meant to handle such big implementation…….”

  This is quite discouraging. The employees are detained till late night regularly. Contradictorily, the CBS CPC is forcing to execute EoD in time. In spite of understanding the genuine reasons of delay, the CPC is executing EoD exparte deactivating the user Id. This has happened last month with Sunhat SO, Azimabad SO, Sergarh and Rupsa  SO of Balasore Division. When requested to activate the concerned user ID, the officials dealing with the issue misbehaved to the concerned SPMs as reported to this Circle Union. The plight of the women employees beggar description. Resentments both from the staff and public are mushrooming day by day. Instead, most regretfully, the poor postal employees, especially the Group-C cadre are nipped with iron hand even for petty lapses.  

Under the facts and circumstance, this Circle Union requests your immediate kind intervention and suitable action to bring a stop to all the above shortcomings as soon as possible allowing the staff members to work smarter and better rendering effective services to the members of public.  

During the course of discussion, the Chief PMG fully agreed with our concern and thanked the patience of our staff members the way they are handling the situation at this critical juncture. The Chief PMG admitted that we have grossly failed to achieve our targets, handle the public complaints and to manage the situation effectively due to the issues arising out of SAP only.  As discussed, it will take some more time for satisfactory solution till pan India  CSI roll out is over.

We appraised the fact of victimization of our staff members by several Divisional heads when the problem is with SAP only. We represented that when the Chief PMG is aware of the reasons for our current ineffectiveness, then under what circumstances, our staff members are being threatened by several Divisional Heads for disciplinary action for not achieving targets and closing public complaints. When we requested to give a general direction to all Unit Heads in this regard to have sympathy with the operative staff and cooperate with them for effective staff management, the Chief PMG replied that no such case of victimization / harassment case for the above reasons have to come to his notice. 

Thus, we request all our staff members to bring such cases of victimization / harassment where the fault lies with the SAP to our notice immediately with facts and figures so that we can try our best to do the needful.

Circle Secretary

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