Saturday 18 August 2018

UPU News : Preparation and expectations from the Second UPU Extraordinary Congress

14.08.2018 - UPU News Interview with Ziyen Gedlu, Communication and International Relations Chief Officer at Ethiopian Postal Service

Q: Why did the Ethiopian Postal Service volunteer to host the Second UPU Extraordinary Congress?
A: The Ethiopian Post had a number of reasons to make this decision. First of all, it is a great capacity-building and learning journey for us. At the Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa, we are looking forward to learning from other postal operators’ best experiences and practices in the sector. This Congress is also a great opportunity for our country to improve its image in the global arena by attracting the world’s attention to our ability to organize such an important event.

Q: Apart from the Ethiopian Postal Service, who else is involved in the preparation for the Extraordinary Congress?
A: The Ethiopian Post is not alone in the preparation process for the Extraordinary Congress. We have a lot of support and assistance from the Ethiopian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ethiopian Federal Police, the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency, the Addis Ababa City Administration Mayor's Office, the Ethiopian Revenues and Customs Authority, National Bank of Ethiopia, and other national stakeholders.

Q: Why did UPU member countries decide to organize the Extraordinary Congress?
A: A UPU Congress is the biggest postal convention where the Union’s member countries discuss the results of their work, pass a whole range of resolutions about future programs, and choose the strategic direction the Union will pursue. Normally, a UPU Congress is held once at the end of every four-year cycle.
At the previous Congress in Istanbul during 2016 delegates had many important items on their agenda, such as the Integrated Remuneration Plan, the Integrated Product Plan, the UPU Reform, the contribution system, and the UPU Provident Scheme. They could not reach a consensus on these matters and, therefore, they decided to host an Extraordinary Congress to make the relevant decisions that could not wait another four years.

Q: What are your expectations from this Extraordinary Congress?
A: The Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa will last for only five days and member countries will have to talk about a number of critical subjects. Ministers and senior decision makers will discuss how the postal sector can help drive the economic development reaching relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals. They will also review the implementation of the Istanbul World Postal Strategy.
It is a very difficult task to cover all of the matters within such a short period of time. However, I am confident that if delegates are disciplined and efficient in their proceedings they will be able to finish their remaining work and will find a consensus on these subjects. I also hope all participants will enjoy their stay in Ethiopia, as many of them will be visiting our country, and Africa in general, for the first time.  
This Extraordinary Congress is very special to us and we are paying close attention to its preparation. Ethiopia is delighted and proud to host this Extraordinary Congress because we will be the first African nation to organize such a major event.

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