Monday 23 July 2018

UPU’s Extraordinary Congress can inspire beneficial change throughout the postal sector

18.07.2018 - Delivering continuous improvement is something of a mantra at the Universal Postal Union (UPU), one driven by the constant change experienced in the postal sector.

Our determination to support the sector has led to advances in the area of postal technology, and to UPU offering deep insights into the postal business.
In other words, in rain and in sunshine, whatever the situation, no matter the problem, UPU has been a permanent partner of the postal sector.
The relationship has been profoundly successful; however, there has been a growing realization at UPU that we need to be at our optimal best, if we are to truly help the sector during this period.
This is why September’s Extraordinary Congress in Addis Ababa is so important.
It offers an opportunity to fine-tune the organization, so it can continue to function as the cornerstone of the global postal industry.  
Decisions taken at the Congress will strengthen the organization’s financial security, streamline some of our processes, as well as support the postal network in areas such as remuneration rates.   
But being fit for purpose is also about having a purpose that fits. At UPU, we have a comprehensive understanding of our mission to help the postal sector.
First, in the area of international cooperation, our multilateral treaties are ensuring that the postal environment is geared for success.
Second, our unswerving commitment to providing access to affordable postal technology empowers operators and enables them to be cost-effective and to work at the leading edge.
Finally, our projects, aimed at the grassroots and regional levels, leverage e-commerce solutions, digitalization, financial inclusion and sustainable development to ensure postal operators contribute fully to their country’s economy.
Of course, working for the good of the sector places a great responsibility on our shoulders, but it is also a position of trust and confidence that we readily accept.
Our engagement with the industry has encouraged us to look deep into the organization and to continually evolve and improve. We owe the industry nothing less.
The agenda for Addis Ababa is one of the most important in UPU’s long history and the Congress can lay the foundation for a better future for the global postal network.   

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