Saturday 12 May 2018

UPU News : Deliver it now! Consumer behaviour in the age of pervasive digitalization

10.05.2018 - Shifts in the relationship between customers and providers were at the forefront during a panel discussion of the Universal Postal Union's World CEO Forum 2018.

Each of the seasoned panellists focused on consumer behaviour and the customer desire for fast, predictable and secure transactions.
Khalil Daoud, the CEO at Liban Post, said the greatest challenge for posts was to think like their customers, to find out what they want, and to find the right products.
On the issue of logistics Daoud said, "Systems have to be constantly revisited to provide efficiency. We have to restructure permanently because we cannot predict change."
Moderator Alex Taylor asked Daoud whether digitalization was one of the main issues. Daoud replied that the world was only at the start of the digitalization wave and that, every day, new players were entering the market.
He called on Posts to respond by changing their thinking processes.
Challenged by Taylor on how Posts could cope with the customer demand that they be given a perfect service, Daoud emphasized the need for the postal sector to ensure efficiency and uphold standards.
Levan Chikvaidze, Director General, Georgian Post hailed UPU's role. He called the UN agency a tremendous force for helping Posts deliver to their customers.
In a video message, Ananta Narayan Nanda, Secretary (Posts) to the Government of India, said the Forum could help suggest new directions to the Postal world, so it could "emerge victorious in a competitive world."
Benjamin Niyokindi, CEO Burundi Post, speaking last, highlighted the importance of modernization capable of responding to customer needs and reducing delivery times. 

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