Wednesday 9 May 2018

UPU Director General helps CEOs visualise a postal future

09.05.2018 - In the first session of the UPU World CEO Forum, the Director General of the Universal Postal Union Bishar A Hussein looked back on previous forums to highlight lessons learned and key findings.

Asked by the moderator, CNN Türk anchor Duygu Demirdag, about the idea behind the CEO Forum, Mr. Hussein said he had long wished to bring the world's postal CEOs together. 
"UPU's role," he added, "is enhanced when we have the captains of this industry together. CEOs are very busy, so let's have a Davos style forum where everyone can network and talk to each other." 
During the session titled, "Taking Stock: 2017 CEO Forum in perspective," Mr. Hussein was invited to explain the importance of the postal service. Mr. Hussein began by saying that, even before the wave of liberalisation that had spread across the world in recent decades, countries had created a unified postal network. He said that the Post was a "Network of networks dedicated to bringing everyone together." 
Responding to Demirdag's assertion that embracing new technologies was perhaps the Post's biggest challenge, Mr. Hussein stressed that the Post had from the very beginnings of its history made full use of technology.
"We adopt, we embrace," he said. The real question, said Mr. Hussein, is how quickly can we adopt new technology and how can we improve e-commerce?  
Towards the end of the discussion, a video message from the CEO of Russia Post Nikolay Podguzov thanked UPU, but also made clear connections between the Forum and the need for CEOs to create clear strategies for the future.   

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