Wednesday 30 May 2018

Let's stay prepared for the worst

Dear Comrades,
It is our pleasure to express sincere gratitude before you all for your extended cooperation in making today's dharna programme successful. We don't know the result we will get in future. But this is the beginning of a great struggle programme.

 To us, this is the first and exclusive  agitational programme of P-III Odisha and that too with the kind participation of our beloved General Secretary and Secretary General to make it historic. A long way to go Comrades. If we fail, it will be a big question on the pride and prestige of NFPE. So we have to do very cautiously and tactfully with the guidance of our CHQ / NFPE since the administration is now quite adamant.

 Today's discussion with the Chief PMG though not remained successful, yet left a strong message to the administration which will compel the administration for rethinking. What we need is your cooperation, suitable suggestion and active participation at the time of necessity. 

We think from today we will start campaigning in our respective divisions to remain prepared for the worst. Soon we may meet / discuss to prepare the charter of demands.

One sincere request. 

Though, we are trying regularly,   it is not being possible to touch one and all over telephone always.  On several occasions as experienced, I have to try more than once. Time is too short for a Postmaster under  this I T Modernization environment, you all know very well. So, kindly don't wait for our call and regularly watch this WhatsApp group, your given eMail, our circle website ( and the SMS being sent.

Try to record your constructive views on each and every posting to strengthen the Circle Union. Your cooperation can go a long way in achieving our legitimate demands. The Circle Secretary is nothing without you and your guidance/ suggestions.

Thank you all once again. Special thanks to  Com. R N Parashar, our beloved Secretary General, Com. RN Dhal and all the Circle Secretaries of NFPE Unions in Odisha. 

With revolutionary greetings.

Circle Secretary.

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