Monday 15 January 2018

Circle Office asks for options on Rotational Transfer of Circle Cadre officers/officials

भारतीय डाक विभाग
Department of Posts:India
        मुख्य पोस्टमास्टर जनरल कार्यालय, ओड़िशा परिमण्डल
O/o The Chief PMG,Odisha Circle,

No.ST/46-1/Rlg/2015-Corr Dated at Bhubaneswar the 04.01.2018

          The Postmaster General,
          Sambalpur/Berhampur(Gm) Region
          All SSPOs/SPOs/SSRM/SRMs in Odisha Circle
          The Manager, Postal Printing Press, Bhubaneswar
          The Sr.A.O(ICOSB)C.O,Bhubaneswar.

Sub:  Rotational Transfer of Circle Cadre officers/officials [ASPs/IPs/LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I/Postmaster Grade-I, Postmaster Grade-II, Postmaster Grade III/ /PAs (SBCO)/Stenographers] and PAs/SAs for the year 2018.

          I am directed to request you to kindly refer to Directorate letter No.141-141/2013-SPB-II dated 31.01.14 circulated vide this office letter No. ST/46-1/Rlg/95-Corr./Ch-I dated 10/14.02.14 regarding rotational transfer guidelines. The officials in the cadre of ASPs/IPs/LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I / Postmaster Grade-I, Postmaster Grade-II, Postmaster Grade III /Stenographers/PAs (SBCO)/PAs/SAs who are due for rotational transfers on completion of post tenure or station tenure may be asked to give at least three options of the place of posting / station in order of preference with reasons to enable the authorities to consider the same while effecting transfers, if any in writing by 15.01.2018. However, it may be made clear to the officials that their request will be considered subject to administrative convenience and availability of the post.
          The options received from the officers/officials having circle level transfer liability should be forwarded to this office separately in reference to different cadres along with a statement showing information on the following points.

1. Particulars of officers/officials completing tenure by 30-09-2018
2. Date from which the officer/officials is working in the present post/station separately.
3. The name of the post office/station where the officer/official worked in last tenure with period of stay.
4. Whether anything adverse is noticed against the officer/officials as regards his work/performance and
5. Other comments if any,
          The above information in respect of all circle cadre staff officers/officials working in your unit (Separate statement for each cadre) complete in all respects should reach this office by 30.01.2018 positively.
          Please note that no reminder will be issued in this regard and delay in submission of the required information beyond the due date will be at your risk.
          Kindly acknowledge the receipt.

सहायक निदेशक(ष्टाफ)
मु.पो.मा.ज कार्यालय
Office of Chief Postmaster General
ओड़िशा परिमंडल, भुवनेश्वर-751001
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

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