Saturday, 5 February 2022

UPU improves and expands distance learning

The UPU’s distance learning tool, TRAINPOST, has been modernized and relaunched with new features that will help to bridge the gap between more developed and less developed countries’ Posts. 

TRAINPOST is changing its target population, technological capabilities, and wide range of features, with involvement from the UPU regional training centres and postal operators’ stakeholders, such as customs and airlines, said the platform’s administrator, Sofiene Jouini, Subdirector of the Tunisian Post Virtual School.
For example, there will be the possibility for live, online training via the integrated web conferencing system, Jouini said.
Users will notice “more reliable, user-friendly, multi-device support; more engaging content through various online training activities; possibility for the award of badges and certificates; reduced errors and technical issues; and offline training,” he said.
The training tool can develop and enhance the capacity of UPU member countries, said Pooran Parampath, Regional Expert, Caribbean and Training. It offers improved on-the-job performance, large cost benefits with free courses and services over the internet.
“Trainpost is one of the key capacity building tools in UPU’s Cooperation and Development efforts,” Parampath said. “Owing to the cost effectiveness of this solution, it bridges the gap between more advanced and less advanced Posts. Through this tool, learning can take place at any place and time, irrespective of the developmental status of the postal administration.”
Additionally, he explained, Posts of all development levels have access to the same case studies, best practices, benchmarks and standards that are offered in TRAINPOST courses.
“It is important that these changes happen for several reasons. Firstly, to take advantage of new learning technologies, we should provide training not only on the workplace but also through mobile devices and smartphones to boost mobile learning,” Jouini said. “Secondly, to reinvigorate the TRAINPOST network of users from all over the world.”
He also explained that Trainpost can help manage in-person training workshops, allowing groups to review lessons in recorded videos. This will boost communication and enable continuous training after the workshop has ended. It also provides a way to evaluate and measure the effects of training and ROI.
TRAINPOST allows postal players to acquire knowledge and skills needed to improve performance, adhere to UPU standards, network with others in the global learning network, and offer better service to their customers, Parampath said.
TRAINPOST has benefited 192 countries, Jouini said, with more than 25,000 participants trained since 2006 in eight training fields.

TRAINPOST is distance-learning platform offering free modular courses on a range of topics, including postal reform and regulation, postal products, financial services, management of postal operations, postal technologies, and human resource management techniques.

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