Thursday 23 September 2021

Appeal for organizing protest demonstrations in front of Divisional Offices on 24.09.2021



Dear Comrades,

As you know, NFPE has warned the  Department not to cooperate further to achieve the business targets of IPPB and other new schemes if the arbitrary order dated 15.09.2021 regarding guidelines of holding an elective post under Rule 15 (1) (c) of CCS (Conduct) Rules, 1964 is not withdrawn.

In this regard, NFPE CHQ has directed us to hold serious protest demonstrations in front of all Divisional Offices on 24.09.2021.

On behalf of NFPE Odisha State CoC we have already requested all our Circle , Divisional and Branch Secretaries to organize this programme very seriously in front of Divisional offices with huge participation. Our letter is posted  earlier in this website.

We should realize that a hidden agenda of the present Govt. is on the floor to inactive the unions and associations so that they can go ahead without any hindrance for smooth privatization and corporation of this glorious department. Now situation has come to save this biggest platform which has protested us throughout giving all benefits we are enjoying as Central Govt. employees. The future of the working class will be darkened if will not rise to the occasion. As disciplined soldiers of NFPE, it is our  our moral responsibility to honour the call of NFPE.

It should be remembered that this struggle is totally different from all other struggles. 

Hope, each division will implement this programme with all seriousness on 24.09.2021 without any failure .

Request to upload selected collage photographs  of each Division in this group for updating our CHQ.

Struggle Greetings.


Circle Secretary, P-III & Chairman

NFPE Odisha State CoC

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