Saturday 27 June 2020

NFPE writes to the Department for promotion of all HSG-I officials completing 2 years to HSG-I NFG

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   No.PF-NFG /2020                                                                 Dated:   27th June, 2020

The Secretary
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan,
New Delhi-110001

Sub:-   Immediate need to promote all HSG-I officials who have completed 2  years in HSG-I to HSG-I (NFG) without linking to availability of posts in  HSG-I (NFG) as per the recommendations  in the report of the committee constituted to examine the issues relating to the    Postmaster cadre

Ref:- Directorate office order No.25-19/2018-PE-I dated 25th February 2019


         Vide Directorate office order No.25-19/2018-PE-I dated 12.10.2018, a committee was constituted to examine the issues relating to the Postmasters cadre. The said committee has submitted its report and the report was circulated vide Directorate office order referred above. At Para 4.1.4 committee has given recommendations w.r.t. other allied issues. At 4.1.4 (a) the committee recommended that ‘‘ As per present  provision, financial upgradation to HSG-I officials (NFG) is available on seniority basis on the availability of limited number of posts. Usually, NFG is given after completion of certain period of service without linking to availability of posts. The committee is of the view that appropriate proposal be initiated for seeking approval of the competent authority to allow NFG for all HSG-I officials after two years of sevice in that grade.’’

           But this recommendation of the committee which is fully justified based on the usual practice adopted while giving NFG is not implemented resulting in denial of  natural justice to HSG-I officials who are shouldering the responsibilities  of appointing authorities and disciplinary authorities to GDS, Postmen, MTS and also in cases  while  imposing  minor penalties for PAs and also attending the duties of DDOs drawing pay and allowances to  the staffs and even to higher officers and recently attending the work attended earlier by the divisional heads of the duties of  approval of new PLI/RPLI policies  and  sanction of claim on maturity and claim in death cases of PLI/RPLI policies. All these works require higher knowledge and skills in the present scenario of technology advancement in our department. As such the implementation of the recommendation of the committee to give NFG to all HSG-I officials after completion of 2 years of service in that grade is fully justified.

            Under the circumstances, it is requested to implement the recommendations of the committee recommended at Para 4.1.4 (a) in true spirit  by giving notional promotion to NFG to those officials who have completed 2 years service in HSG-I and in Postmaster Grade III cadre retrospectively from 27.05.2016 the date of order of cadre restructuring, duly considering the justification. In Karnataka circle, HSG-I (NFG) is given to those officials who have completed 2 years service in HSG-I notionally from 27.05.2016 vide CPMG Karnataka Circle Bengaluru Memo No.BI/1-3/2018-19 dated 14.11.2018. This date of notional promotion to HSG-I (NFG) should be made applicable to all those officials who have completed 2 years service in HSG-I including the service in Postmaster Grade III on 27.05.2016 so that seniors who were in Postmaster Grade III cadre in the year 2016 till merger of Postmaster Grade III cadre with  HSG-I are not denied their legitimate and justified promotion.  This will also facilitate correcting of anomaly existing now because of  promotion given to juniors who were in HSG-I and promotion denied to seniors who were in Postmaster Grade III cadre on 27.05.2016.  

 An early action is  solicited.

Yours Sincerely,

(R.N. Parashar)
Secretary General

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