Friday 19 June 2020

Circle Union writes to NFPE on Delivery of Citizen Centric Services from Post Offices through Common Service Centre (CSC)

No. P3NFPE-Odisha/03 - 06/2020
Dated at Bhubaneswar the 19th June, 2020
Com. R N Parashar
Secretary General, NFPE 
North Avenue P O Building, New Delhi – 110 001

Sub:-  Delivery of Citizen Centric Services from Post Offices through Common Service Centre (CSC) -  regarding.
Ref.-   Directorate letter No.3.-1/2019 Plg, dated 08.05.2020 addressed to all CPMsG.

Respected Comrade,
As per instructions given to all CPMsG vide letter under reference, the Directorate is planning to increase the number of Common Service Centres to 6000 Post Offices up to norm based LSG level across the nation.

It is needless to reiterate that as many as 111 services will be provided to the citizens through these proposed CSCs including Aadhaar Enrollement and Updation, Passport Sewa etc which are being provided now. Among other important services, CSCs will provide Mobile Updates, Demographic Updates, PAN Card, Swachh Bharat Aviyan, PM Aawas Yojana, PM Fasal Bima Yojana, PDS, Ayusman Bharat Yojana, Birth / Death Certificate, Jiban Praman, IRCTC Ticket Booking, Election/Labour/Pension/Employment related services, Several State Govt. Services, Tours and Travel Services like Flight and Bus Ticket, Mobile and DTH recharge, FASTag related services and several educational services. The particulars of such services listed under Annexure – III is attached here with for kind reference.

In addition, please find attached here with the SOP for delivery of citizen centric services through CSC portal from Post Offices and Cash Management between DoP and CSC-Special Purpose Vehicle (CSC-SPV) under Annexure-IV which is self-explanatory.

We have the bitter experience of handling the Aadhaar Enrollement and Updation, Passport Sewa etc which are being provided now without additional staff. In addition, there is pressure of IPPB Account opening, AePS transactions, Jansuraksha Schemes and routine targets for POSB and PLI / RPLI. As aware, now the ‘B’ Class and LSG Offices are almost running single handed and most of the HSG-II and HSG-I Offices including HOs are running with acute shortage of staff. Even it is too difficult to run the Aadhaar Centres effectively for which our officials are being threatened and charge-sheeted for not achieving the desired goals.  Thus, with addition of hundreds of services more, the Post Offices will be converted into crowded shopping malls rendering ineffective service delivery far below the satisfaction of the members of public.

Further, the decision to extend opening of CSCs to 6000 Post offices is taken at a time when COVID-19 pandemic is increasing in an alarming rate day by day and the post offices across the nation have seriously failed to maintain social distancing and periodical sanitization partly due to administrative lacuna and partly due to cramped accommodation of the PO buildings with shortage of public / counter space.  We have already sacrificed the available space for Aadhaar Centres, Post Office Passport Sewa Kendra, IPPB Ltd and several Nodal Delivery Centres for parcels, NSH, BPCs, BNPL Centres etc. in bigger offices for which our own important branches like Mail Branch, SOSB, SBCOs etc. are running in sheds and verandas in very pitiable conditions. Our own officials are also treated differently in a sub-standard manner than the officials working in POPSK and IPPB Ltd.

As understood, running of CSCs will demand special hands in each identified post office which is not possible to spare except Head Offices / GPOs which are having satisfactory staff strength since we have already sacrificed several hands as SA, BE, PLI Group Leader, staff working in CBS and PLI CPCs, Aadhaar Centres, POPSK and on deputation to IPPB.

Thus, before extending opening of CSCs to 6000 Post Offices up to norm based LSG level, we have the following suggestions.

1.    First of all, the vacancies in all cadres especially in PA, Postman, MTS and GDS may be filled in expeditiously and the post offices may be allowed to run with their full sanctioned strength for availability of hands for the proposed CSCs.

2.    The proposed CSCs may be restricted to HO / GPO level or maximum to HSG-I level / MDGs where there is feasibility of sparing exclusive hands required for the purpose.

3.    Such Post Offices may be identified for the purpose where required accommodation will be available for an additional counter with proper security arrangement since cash transactions are to be operated through CSC portal on behalf of the customers and to settle cash payments, cash reconciliation aided  at multiple levels and handling of disputes, if any at central level.

4.    Since the identified Post Offices will be crowded with addition of hundreds of services at the cost of the goodwill of India Post, care must be taken for comfort of the valued customers with availability of all basic amenities, i.e. public lavatory, drinking water, ACs/Air Coolers etc  in such Post Offices.

5.    Since PDS items have been listed to be supplied through the CSCs, care must be taken to protect the status and dignity of this 166 years old glorious Department and its dedicated workforces.

6.    Before opening of CSCs, sufficient training on all proposed services may be given to the DoP staff.

            As such, it is requested to appraise the Directorate suitably so that our staff members may not be put into difficulties and customers get the desired services smoothly from the CSCs.

        With regards.
 Attached: As above. (To view click on the Annexure)
Comradely yours,

(Bruhaspati Samal)
Circle Secretary

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