Saturday 10 February 2018

CHQ President requests SG, NFPE for modification of demands

Com. R.N. Parashar, 
Sec. General, NFPE.

Res com. Parasharji. 

We want to putforth something on the latest developments, including issuance of circular by the Dept against our Dharna programme and  denial of leave by the authorities on these days,  for taking a reasonable immediate decision, ascertaining with the ground level feelings and reality.

As reported by many Circles, similar is the situation in T.N also. 

In all Circles the staff who are on leave were called back to duty. Even key office bearers of our union are denied with any kind of leave. In Kerala Circle, even LTC is denied, which has been applied one month before and they are now undertaking dharna against this. This is nothing but , totally snatching of our Fundamental  Trade Union rights. Further, we are not aware of the details of discussions held with the Dept. day before yesterday. We may be enlightened.

On the other hand, there is aggressive CSI migration in 13 Circles, without providing adequate infrastructure. Many post migration problems also  arised, and nothing heeded by the Dept. 

Cadre Restructuring in P.A.cadre is also on the move  simultaneously, amidst heavy shortage of staff  and no vacancy in feeder cadre, because of abolition of thousands of P.A. posts. 

OPA is aggressively implemented , besides fast moving of opening IPPB before April 2018, and there is a move for large no. of deputations to IPPB, from operative side, when there is acute shortage in P.A. cadre.

GDS committee report implementation, GDS membership verification and Casual Labourer issues are the major items affecting the minds of the other common cadres.

These items may kindly  be taken into account and we request that, at the end of the week long programme, atleast two days strike may be considered by NFPE by serving 15 days notice, with campaign programme. The strike date should be before March 31st, and should not be prolonged, since many of the above items will be implemented before March 31st. And conducting the strike after implementation of all these, will not get much support from the common cadres.

We request an  important thing is, there must be some modification and addition in the demands, for which strike notice is to be served. The same may kindly be consulted with, before taking any such move. 

Wishing for a good  decision in the Federal Executive meeting to be held on 11th Feb. 2018. 

Fraternally yours, 

President, P3  CHQ/
C.S , P3 ,T.N..

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